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Christmas Slideshow: A Lovely Gift for the Holiday

Christmas is just around the corner so it’s high time you decided on the gifts for your loved ones. Since nowadays it’s all about DIY, why not join this excellent trend and create a Christmas gift yourself?

christmas slideshow

Say, a Christmas slideshow with music! Just imagine – a heartfelt video filled with your favorite pictures set to some joyful tune. Such a slideshow can be a great gift for your family members or friends who couldn’t be with you during the holidays. Alternatively, making this video can be a wonderful bonding activity for all your family. Don’t think you have the chops to create a lovely Merry Christmas slideshow? Don’t worry, we’ll be happy to share a few tips with you. So go get some eggnog, put on a deer sweater, and let’s get creative!

Pick the Right Music for Your Slideshow

Sure, you can stick to the undying classics like Jingle Bells or We Wish You a Merry Christmas, but why not scout for more recent Christmas tracks? Every year artists put out some instantly iconic holiday jams that can be perfect for your slideshow. Don’t want the music to overshadow your visual narrative? Then stick to festive instrumental tracks instead.

Let the Video Say What Your Think

Don’t turn your Christmas slideshow into a parade of your favorite holiday pictures. Make it an interactive postcard instead. Intersperse slides with heartfelt wishes and Bible verses, add words of wisdom and inspiration. Better yet, record a video of your family giving their Christmas greeting and insert it into your slideshow. That would be a nice way to greet your friends and relatives who couldn’t be with you this holiday season.

Keep Decorations Down a Bit

Since Christmas is all about glittery things, you might be tempted to oversaturate your slideshow with effects. Well, try to refrain from it. If you overstuff your video with transitions, animations, Christmas lights, and soaring snowflakes, no one will be able to see your pictures. Do you want to hide those happy smiles behind gaudy effects? Probably not. So focus on those pure emotions in your shots and let the effects be mere frames for them, not the main attractions.

Decide on the Pictures

Christmas Card

Well, it is completely up to you what pictures you should use for your slideshow, but we just want to show you several ways you could go. First, you can create a sort of a year-in-review. You can chronicle your year in a series of pictures from your daily lives that would paint a picture of what your family has been up to. Alternatively, you can use your archive Christmas pics to show how the way you celebrate this beloved holiday has evolved. Another idea is to have a photoshoot in matching Christmas outfits and use those pics for your video. Such images are absolute crowd pleasers!

Pick the Right Software

Perhaps, whenever you think of slideshow creation, PowerPoint is the first software that pops into your mind. We get it – it’s free and it’s popular. But let’s face it – it’s the perfect program to create dull business presentations, not deeply personal and highly artistic videos.

So if you are looking for software that could quench your thirst for creative expression, then look no further than SmartSHOW 3D. This Christmas slideshow maker boasts hundreds of effects, transitions, animations, and built-in music tracks. At the same time, it does not require much time to master.

The program comes with an impressive library of professionally designed templates for all occasions and holidays, which means that you can create gorgeous Xmas slideshows in a matter of minutes. Want to try it yourself? Then find out how you can create a Merry Christmas slideshow with the help of this software.

Well, you see – creating a heartfelt holiday video is a lot easier than you think, especially when you use our tips So take a bunch of your Christmas pictures, pick a lovely tune and add a bit of that Christmas magic to create a festive slideshow. Then use it to spread the joy. The world needs it more than ever.

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