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Chronic Tacos Introduces Grass-Fed Carne Asada

I was recently a guest at Chronic Tacos for a tasting of the new grass-fed Carne Asada.

Upon entering the Chronic Taco restaurant I was greeted by the open, clean and bright location. Moving to the starting point to choose an item was difficult. The difficult choice of making a meal has now gotten more complicated. The usual taco, burrito, Bowl-Rito, quesadilla, sorta, Chronic Salad and Tostada Bowl options are now available with yet another protein.

I decided to go with the tried and true and ordered the taco, burrito and tostada with the new Carne-Asada protein. The steak is kept in a secret marinade for 24 hours before being seared and seasoned on the open grill, allowing for the boldest flavor profile.

“We constantly have our customers in mind and adding this grass-fed steak to our menu falls directly in line with the high standards our customers hold Chronic Tacos to,” said Michael Mohammed, Chronic Tacos CEO and President. “This addition is truly of premium quality and highlights what the Taco Life is all about.”

As with all Chronic Taco menu items, the orders are customized to your liking. You choose all the ingredients that make up your meal.

Be sure to head out to your nearest Chronic Tacos and try out their new Grass-Fed Carne Asada. It is amazing and flavorful. Find your closest Chronic Tacos online.

Houman Jazaeri is an OC dad who juggles work, play and his love of technology. On the side he runs, a website that reviews apps and has published his first book, 52 Apps for the College Student.
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