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What Are Cigar Humidors: Are They Worth It?



It’s time for us to get down to business, especially about having appropriate tobacco preservation, which is totally reliant on getting a superb humidifier. Carefully regulated temperatures and high humidity are crucial for cigar maintenance. This is where humidors come in as they help retain moisture to keep them viable for a longer time. A cigar would need to be stored properly, otherwise, its quality would start deteriorating in two weeks. On the contrary, they may become more refined in quality over time if stored with caution. Within only half a year of careful preservation, thinner, lighter cigars would be at their optimum flavor profile whereas a bigger, deeper colored, and much more substantial cigar would be at its finest the following few years. 

What Is A Humidor?

In simple terms, a humidor is basically a form of storage canister designed to assist sustain consistent comparative moisture content, which in itself is essential as tobacco leaves gradually become larger in response to comparative moisture surrounding them for cigars. Whenever a cigar is too dried, it mostly shrivels up eventually lacking its scent and taste, which are the two important aspects of cigar smoking. This normally happens to cigars subjected to extraordinarily high dampness, mildew, decay, as well as an invasion of tobacco beetles.

Moreover, humidors are available in a multitude of forms and capacities, ranging from as tiny as a matchbox for use as a portable humidor to as large as a wardrobe for more cigar storage. Nevertheless of the various forms, every single humidor is secured to ensure the interior and exterior climate is not too hot or cold. Lastly, a thermostat and hygrometer will be provided to retain its optimum temperature. If you are interested, check out this list of humidors for cigars

How Do Humidors Function?

They start by conceiving the perfect amount of humidity to prevent mold from forming and prevent any cracks from happening. A humidor is basically a hygrometer, thermostat, and humidifier, all contained in a beautiful cedarwood case. 

Humidifier And Hygrometer

Essentially, it is all about the system for humidifying. The humidifier supplies vapor to the humidor to ensure the pristine condition of your cigar, adding in the various essential oils. These essential oils are the main ingredient of the scents you get from your top preserved cigars — the humidor will require a supply of water to accomplish this. Ranging from a variety of techniques to provide wetness to the inside, including the use of sponges. Humidifiers release moisture simply by soaking a sponge in filtered water — preventing additional particles and mould from growing.

You may use floral foam which stores an abundance of water while slowly discharging it⁠ — but it does run the risk of collecting cigar aromas hence will need replacement once a year. Propylene glycol, an alternative to water, would be the best pairing for a foam humidifier since it consistently maintains a 70 percent moisture content. Tiny crystalline gelatin pellets are also an option, designed to retain 500 times their mass in liquid.

Humidors also include hygrometers which are devices that determine if you increase or decrease moisture by measuring humidity levels within. It’s inexplicably connected and works in tandem with the humidifier. It’s vital to examine your hygrometer on a weekly or biweekly basis to ensure everything is in working order.

Top Five Picks For Humidors

Simple, Yet Chic Spanish Cedar Humidor

This is most probably what you’re envisioning whenever you picture a humidor, and for a majority of recreational cigar fans, it’s all you need. It holds around 24 cigars by keeping them crisp courtesy of the cedarwood lining, built-in dehumidifier, accompanied by a humidification gel. The built-in magnets in the lid close it tightly, and it’s small enough to store cigars easily while being attractive enough just to display.

Cigar Humidor With A Glass Top

A decent humidor of this variety has the capacity to hold up to 100 cigars ⁠— based on the size of your cigars. It’s definitely a great option whenever stepping up your cigar preservation strategy. Split internalized storage compartments, as well as a detachable tray, enables you to maintain an organized array of essential cigar equipment in just one compact space. We recommend a cedarwood variety, which will aid the infusion of the perfume while removing extra amounts of moisture. In this case, you need not guess or open the case to monitor the humidity level because it has an electronic humidity sensor on its front, inclusive of the glass top which allows you to take your pick while displaying your assortment without harming the lid till time to smoke.

Portable Leather Humidor

The tubular leather outer humidor is elegant and to become a workstation accent or can even command a prime position on display shelves, even though it is generally offered as just a traveling humidor, while it undoubtedly is a brilliant option for just that. In addition, it’s well-sealed, leather-lined, with a combination of both the humidifier and a hygrometer at the very top, it’s a wise and stylish option for a daily humidor as there’s only enough capacity to store up to 12 cigars.

Cooler Cigar Humidor

This humidor is highly recommended if you have a collection of numerous great smokes that will benefit over years of maturing, or if you operate a professional cigar lounge, or shop to sell quality tobacco. This product contains adjustable quality wooden ledges holding up to dozens of cigars with a ventilation system that circulates airflow and maintains an optimum thermal environment, that can be easily programmed to sustain temperatures with a range of 12 to 23 degrees celsius. Designed to be airtight, they provide great insulation ⁠— thus protecting your stogies for years on end. To add on, there’s plenty of space to store various other cigar equipment within the cooler. 


Indeed the smallest aspects of a cigar humidor have a part in how these units benefit the entire performance in the lengthy period. Depending on various preferences, either spending a little bit more on a high-quality model or spending enough to get a decent set would do based on what you prefer. Apart from a portable, hand-carry humidor, there’s no reason why a well-made humidor can’t last lifelong if properly cared for and maintained.

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