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City of Hope “Wishing Tree” at More Than Pink Walk


One of the special things that my daughter and I saw at the Susan G. Komen More Thank Pink walk over the weekend was the City of Hope Wishing Tree.

Shelby Barone and Ella Barone at Susan Komen Walk

It was the first thing that we saw at the walk, and we spent more of our time reading personalized wishes on the trees. There were multiple trees where attendees were invited to write a wish on a colored tag, and then hang it on one of the wishing trees.

City of Hope at Susan Komen Walk

Something special that I learned when talking with the people from the City of Hope is that they have these trees on their campus in Duarte. Plus, they are hoping to have them at the upcoming facility in Orange County that is expected to open in FivePoint’s Great Park Neighborhoods by 2021.

City of Hope Orange County

The new state-of-the-art cancer campus is going to be 19,000-square-foot building. It will include an outpatient center and a clinical research center. Plus, it will be Orange County’s only specialty hospital focused on treating and curing cancer!

City of Hope Wishes

Wishing Tree for City of Hope

City of Hope at Great Park

At the “More Than Pink” walk, my daughter and I took the time to write inspirational messages on the cards. We then hung them on the different trees displayed at the walk. It was a great time to talk to my daughter about breast cancer, the importance of always checking her breasts, and having regular medical examinations.

Breast Cancer Walk Orange County

Once we were done hanging our wishes on the tree, it was time for the remembrance ceremony. Everyone attending the walk came together in front of the stage. Then a group of women made a parade down the center of the crowd. At the stage, they took time to remember those who had lost their lives to breast cancer. I couldn’t help but cry when they released the group of white doves into the air.

Susan Komen Walk Fashion Island

Then it was time for the walk to begin. Everyone gathered by the starting line, and the walk started. There were crowds of people that lined the streets, cheering everyone on who was walking in support of breast cancer research. It was a morning that my daughter and I will never forget.

Susan G Komen Walk

Also, we are so grateful for all the work that the City of Hope has done to help save lives. Having them come to Orange County is going to be instrumental in helping to save the lives of so many women in our community. The City of Hope has more than 500 clinical trials and world-class experts who specialize in all the different types of cancer.

City of Hope Wishing Tree

City of Hope’s research has saved lives around the world, and they are making astonishing strides towards eradicating cancer. Learn more about City of Hope online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Susan Komen Walk Orange County

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