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How to Claim Compensation for a Whiplash Injury: 5 Helpful Tips

Contrary to popular belief, whiplash injuries can cause permanent damage to your neck. This kind of injury occurs when there is a strain or damage in the ligaments in your neck due to a sudden jolt experienced during a collision. Depending on the intensity of your injury, you may be eligible to receive full compensation from the person who caused the accident. You may also receive it from your insurance company, given the accident occurred in the last two or three years. Follow these steps to successfully claim full compensation for a whiplash injury.

Gather Evidence

The first thing you should do is gather as much proof as you can. This will help make your case stronger and your eligibility to receive full compensation. Document the situation by taking photographs on the site and collecting information from witnesses. Investigating the case is of the utmost importance as it forms the basis of your legal representation in court. Contact your insurance company to get more details. If the accident took place in an area with surveillance cameras, try your best to get the footage. More importantly, ensure that the proof you collect is genuine and honest. Since more people are making claims for whiplash injuries (some of which are fake), legal bodies often dig deeper to understand the seriousness of the situation.

Get Yourself Checked

While gathering proof and documenting your case is important, it’s important to get yourself checked as well. A whiplash injury, if left untreated, can create major health issues in the future. This is more important if your neck hurts more frequently or if you are in unbearable pain. Even if it does not hurt, get medical help as your injury may be internal. Call 911 or ask someone to drive you to the nearest clinic. Consult the GP and follow their instructions. You may be asked to be admitted or get some tests done. The compensation case may distract you and you may end up neglecting your GP’s advice. However, do not make this mistake as it can be detrimental to your health over time.

Hire a Lawyer

It is highly likely that you are not well-versed in making a claim for your injury. In this case, you must seek professional help. A personal injury lawyer is knowledgeable about receiving compensation for whiplash injuries. They can also file your paperwork and document your case with scrutiny.

Just with a simple web search, you can easily find a professional in your state. South Carolina has several competent lawyers who can help you win your case. Before you proceed with hiring the services of a South Carolina personal injury attorney, compare your options and ask questions to find what best suits your needs. This is especially important for you to know more about your state’s regulations and laws. Your lawyer will prepare your case and present it in court to gain compensation. This will also give you time to fully recover.

Start the Process At the Earliest

If you fail to adhere to the statute of limitations, you may lose the case. Start the process as soon as possible to get full compensation. If you start collecting proof right from the beginning, you may have a higher chance of winning. Follow your lawyer’s advice and submit all documents on time. Instead of jumping right into the offer made by your insurance company, seek your attorney’s help to get full compensation. Once you start seeking medical care, collect the bills as a part of the documentation to make your case stronger.

Know More About the Compensation Threshold

The amount you receive as compensation changes after a fixed period of time. It also varies from state to state or region to region. Your eligibility to receive full compensation also depends on your situation and the effects of the whiplash injury on you. For some, their professional and financial life may be affected by a greater margin, which gives them a higher chance at winning and receiving full compensation. You can use an online calculator to determine your eligibility and roughly calculate the amount you may get. The amount is calculated on the basis of your lost earnings, medical bills, loss of a job or social activities, accommodation costs, travel costs, and the long-term impact of this accident.


Even after you have recovered, visit your doctor to get yourself regularly checked. At times, whiplash injuries can be more dangerous than you anticipate. You can completely rely on your personal injury lawyer to help you win the case as they are extremely competent and have several years of experience. Meanwhile, you can focus on treating your injury and recovering faster to get back on track.

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