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How to Clean Your Carpets Without Chemicals



The kids and I love to have fun! We like to build sand castles, splash in the ocean, and jump in mud puddles. Raising three kids to love nature only effects one thing – my carpet. I keep my backyard a place for my kids to explore the world around them, grow their own vegetables and have campouts. On a sunny day, the kids will come in and out of our backdoor zillions of times, tracking dirt into the house. While I have tried to enforce a “no shoes” policy in our house, all it has done is taught my kids to play barefoot, instead of keeping the dirt out of our house.


I don’t use a housekeeping service because I refuse to use cleaners that contain chemicals in my household. Since all of the food that goes into my kids body is pure and organic, why would I want the environment that they live in to be surrounded by chemicals? When a counter is washed with a cleaner that contains chemicals, those chemicals remain on that counter. Think about the amount of times your kids touch the kitchen counter, having those chemicals absorbed into their bodies, before using a household cleaner from the grocery store again.


I make all of our household cleaners, and I was hesitant about having a professional carpet cleaner come into my home, until learning about ZeroRez. They claimed to clean my carpets without the use of any chemicals – just steam and their patented high pH alkaline water (EMPOWERED WATERtm) – too good to be true? That’s what I thought too.


Trying to have an open mind, I set an appointment to have them come out to the house. Before I let them touch the carpet, that my kids bare feet walk on every day (that could absorb any chemicals put into the carpet) I asked them a zillion questions. They guaranteed that my carpets would be cleaned without any chemicals, and they stood by their product so much that they had me drink the solution they were going to use. Yes, heard me..I drank the solution that they were going to clean our carpets!


After being convinced that their cleaning process was safe for my family, of course, the next question I had was, would it work? Could steam and alkaline water clean the embedded dirt on my carpet? The carpet that we were planning on replacing after tax season because it was so soiled?


You can see for yourself. As they were working their way down my stairs, I was in shock. I started taking pictures and texting them to my husband at work to show him the progress. After I had told him that the pictures were not edited, and they truly made our carpets “like new” again, he was in shock.


The staff from ZeroRez was very careful with my newly installed expensive hardwood floors and wore protective gear during their cleaning process. They advised me, to wear protective socks until the carpet dried so that the citrus used while cleaning does not come in contact with my hardwood floors that could effect the wood finish. They advised me of everything during every part of the process.


When my husband came home, he was in shock. The carpet that we thought was in need of replacing (after only two years) was as clean as the day we had it installed. I have finally found a cleaning company that I can trust to clean my home without the use of harsh chemicals, and still get it clean!


Do you have children in your home? Then don’t waste your time having your carpets cleaned with harmful chemicals that can effect the health of your family. ZeroRez is offering a special discount to our readers who can have two areas cleaned (up to 200 square feet) for just $99. Give them a try – I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. It covers carpet, hardwood, tile and grout, and natural stone. Order today by calling 866-937-6739. Discount Code: OCMo25.

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  1. They did such a great job!!!

  2. Wow – I LOVE your before and after pictures! Amazing!

  3. That’s the craze now, is cleaning without harmful chemicals, and I gotta say, it’s nice to see that we’re moving toward that direction!

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