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Clean Eating at an Angels Game

We attended an Angels game as a guest

While it is well-known that most people will have a hotdog, peanuts (and beer for the parents) at a ballgame, things have changed. Parents want healthier options for their kids growing bodies – even at a baseball game.

Family Fun at Angels Baseball

Feeding my kids nutritious food is a passion of mine. Ever since my son developed severe food allergies, I saw the impact that processed foods vs. real foods had on his body.

Packaged food isn’t always worth the risk of an epi-pen injection with an ER visit. With most stadiums not allowing guests to bring in their own food, we avoided bringing him to events where he would not have access to clean eating until recently.

Melissa’s Produce now offers families healthy food options at Angels Stadium and many other locations. With my family being long-time season ticket holders, I grew-up going to Angels games. I fell in love with the sport, the team, and the family fun.

When my son developed his food allergies, we stopped coming to games. My parents let their season pass tickets go to friends, and a family tradition drifted away. Until recently, when I learned that we could get healthy (and clean) food for my son at the stadium from Melissa’s.

Barone Kids at an Angel's Game

After having access to Melissa’s Produce at a recent Dodger’s Game, I learned about all the options at Angels Stadium. I was excited to bring the family back to the Angels stadium for a night of family fun. We got tickets for a Friday night game. It was 70’s weekend, which made for a lot of fun.

Clean Snax at Angels Baseball Game

We started by stalking up on Melissa’s Clean Snax from the Corner Market (there are four located inside of the stadium). We also got some fresh fruit and bottled water. Next, we went to Spuds because we love Melissa’s Dutch Yellow Potatoes.

Healthy Food at Angels Game

Spuds use Melissa’s Dutch Yellow Potatoes and top them with delicious pulled pork, cheese, and sour cream. We started with just one order but had to go back and get seconds. It was that tasty.

Melissas Produce at an Angels Game

Our family laughed. We cheered. We sang. We had an unforgettable night at Angels Stadium. Like many parents, I am so grateful to Melissa’s Produce for offering families healthy food options while watching a ballgame. My son was fueled with so much nutrition that he felt the need to do homework while watching the game.

Angels Baseball Game

When your family attends an Angels game this year, this is where you can find healthier food options from Melissa’s:

3rd Base Food Court
Corner Market 123, 221, 305, 342
Spuds 130
Smoke Right by Gate 1

I know that the evening was special to my son when watching him leave for high school on Monday morning wearing his souvenir t-shirt.

Healthy Food Options at Angels Stadium

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