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Coastal Surrogacy Helps the Dream of Parenthood a Reality

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Biology can interfere with starting a family. Infertility affects 1 in 10 people. Some women have medical conditions that make carrying pregnancy to full term a potentially dangerous endeavor. These conditions can cause heartbreak. Yet biology when combined with science can bring hope. This is particularly evident in the act of surrogacy, as women that take on this noble process can become heroines to those whose dreams of having a biological child may otherwise be dashed.

The road to becoming a surrogate is one that is paved with education and guidance. It is a path that Coastal Surrogacy has been helping potential surrogates navigate since 2006. The Newport Beach-based “boutique style” agency has played a role in the birth of over 200 babies being born to intended parents – babies that would not have been born without the unique heart and spirit of a surrogate.


Coastal Surrogacy’s track record has been built from forging caring, personal relationships with surrogate mothers. By building bonds with women who wish to provide others with the kind of unmatched joy they’ve experienced with their own biological children, Coastal Surrogacy creates a level of trust that is essential to a great surrogacy experience. This trust serves as the groundwork for the entire process as a whole, from connecting with the intended parents to getting familiar with obstetricians and hospital staff. Along the way, Coastal Surrogacy acts as a guide for the surrogate, walking her through all of the crucial steps that make the process possible.

Becoming a surrogate through Coastal Surrogacy could also potentially play a key role in the relationship between the surrogate and her own children as well. The compensation that is made through surrogacy could allow the surrogate to stay at home with her children or could even be used for their future, such as helping to fund their education. With that being said, the compensation aspect should be viewed strictly as a bonus of the surrogacy process, as it should always take a back seat to the main goal of bringing a child into the world so a family may be formed.


Any child that is born is a miracle. And that is the joy of becoming involved with Coastal Surrogacy; those that are surrogates can be beautiful conduits for miraculous events.

Rich Manning is a freelance writer that has been covering Orange County’s food, wine, and lifestyle scene for ten years. He currently lives in Fountain Valley with his wife, two daughters, and two dogs.
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