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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Club Penguin Cookies for Charity

Our Children have been donating coins on the Club Penguin site for charity during this holiday season. Club Penguin is donating 1 million dollars to charities with the Coins for Change program and has already helped to do these wonderful things around the world:

Lesotho – Children and families in Lesotho, Africa who are sick can now receive better medical support. Coins for Change funding supported programs at rural hospitals that serve tens of thousands of people and also funded a solar panel project at major rural health clinics that ensures people may receive medical treatment and surgeries 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
· India – Charitable donations were used to build a watershed project in a rural farming village, an Agricultural and Community Center, Schools, Nutrition programs and alternative income programs that will ensure kids can attend school.
· Colombia – The habitat of the Cotton Top Tamarin is being protected thanks to ensuring community members in rural Colombia are protecting the forests in the areas where these small primates live.
· Haiti – Schools have been rebuilt and a playground installed ensuring Hatian children have a safe place to learn and play!


When my kids learned about the online Club Penguin bake sale, it inspired them to host their own bake sale for one of their favorite local charities – The Orange County Ronald McDonald House. We thought it would be fun to make Club Penguin themed cookies for the bake sale so we made Puffle Sugar Cookies. The recipe is super easy (just don’t forget to add the sugar like we did..oops!)







Once the kids were done making their cookies, they went around the neighborhood to sell them for charity. Together, the children were able to raise $7.25 for the Orange County Ronald McDonald House Charity – all inspired by one of their favorite online games Club Penguin!





 Disclosure: We were provided with the recipe from Club Penguin and some holiday cookies. All our photos, thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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