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Finding a Forever Friend with Madame Alexander


When I was a kid my favorite thing to collect was Madame Alexander dolls. I had a huge collection of beautiful porcelain dolls with the most beautifully detailed dresses. My dolls stayed in my room until I got married, and carefully packaged them until the day that I had my own daughter.


When my daughter was born, I carefully unwrapped all of my dolls and placed them on their stands in my daughter’s nursery. My daughter has grown into a beautiful young lady who appreciates the beauty of my Madame Alexander doll collection, but she has always asked “why can’t I play with them mom?”


While I would love for my daughter to have the opportunity to play with the precious dolls, I have spent most of my childhood keeping them in perfect condition to be passed down to generations. When I learned that Madame Alexander had launched a doll that my daughter could play with, I could not wait to receive one for her.


When the box arrived, my daughter recognized the name, and asked where the stand was to display her new doll. Her eyes lit up with delight when I told her that this was a Madame Alexander doll for her to cuddle, play and spend time with. She tore open the box and began to hug, kiss and dance with a new doll that she named Cynthia.


The doll has a soft body, jointed arms and legs, removable clothing and is made with the same high quality of the Madame Alexander collectable dolls. The best part – the dolls are 18″ so many of the doll clothes that my daughter already had will fit on her new Madame Alexander doll.



My daughter takes her new doll, Cynthia, with her everywhere. She dresses her, styles her hair and has tea with her doll every night before dinner. The Madame Alexander Favorite Friends dolls are available online for your daughter to love and cherish as much as mine does with hers.


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