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How To Combat OCD Symptoms as a Parent

Obsessive compulsive disorder affects all areas of life. Being a parent with OCD can be especially challenging for numerous reasons. One concern is that the child will also grow up with OCD. A parent with obsessive compulsive disorder can impact the family significantly, so it is important to get treatment as soon as possible. There are various treatment methods that can be effective, such as anxiety medication for adults, but you first need to determine if you have OCD.

Am I a Parent with OCD?

What a lot of people do not realize is that adults who have never had OCD before can develop obsessive compulsive disorder after they become parents. For those who have OCD, they may notice that there are new fears and concerns when it comes to their children. Even those who have been managing OCD symptoms effectively for years may relapse as a parent.

For some adults, being a new parent to a newborn triggers obsessive compulsive disorder, while for others, symptoms start as the child grows up a bit and becomes less dependent on the parents. Some of the things that parents may obsess about include keeping the child safe, making sure the child does not get sick, the academic performance of a child, or the social life of the child.

If you have never experienced OCD prior to becoming a parent, and you are feeling like you obsess about things more than normal, you may be wondering if you have the condition. One way is to take stock of the symptoms you are noticing. Symptoms may be both obsessive and compulsive or only one of them. Some of the things that indicate obsessive behaviors include:

  • The need for things to be symmetrical and orderly
  • Terrible thoughts about losing control
  • Having trouble dealing with uncertainty
  • Fear of dirt and germs

Examples of compulsive behaviors include:

  • Cleaning and washing constantly
  • Strict routines
  • Counting obsessively
  • Constantly checking and rechecking things

The OCD irritability that accompanies these symptoms can be debilitating and affect your children. Finding treatment early on is a good idea.

Treating Your OCD Symptoms as a Parent

There are prescription drugs approved to treat OCD symptoms. However, there are side effects, and some are severe, such as suicide risk. An alternative is homeopathic medication, which is much safer. Check out Brillia reviews from parents to see how they can help both adults and children.

Therapy is a big part of treatment, as the goal is to come up with new behaviors and rituals to manage anxiety and fear in various situations. Many people with OCD take part in individual therapy. However, parents with OCD will also benefit from family therapy. Growing up with an obsessive-compulsive parent causes family members to behave in ways to accommodate the parent, and this can negatively affect family function and child development.

In therapy, family members talk about issues together and come up with new strategies to stop accommodating behaviors. Family members also learn how to support the OCD parent when difficult situations arise.

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