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Consider These 6 Challenging Jobs That Pay Well

Humans are very resourceful living beings, like most other living beings on this planet. Human curiosity and the ability to make something new are very unique to us. We are able to control the environment around us and shape it to our needs. This is useful to a certain extent where we do not harm the planet itself. Everything that we do must be kept within certain boundaries because we are not alone on this planet.


In order for human society to function properly, every one of us needs to contribute in some way. The debate of whether something is a useful contribution to human society is a big question. Yet, the answer is somewhat simple, just do something you are good at. Many people tend to stick to some simpler jobs, but why not try to challenge yourself a bit with these jobs? These 6 jobs are not only challenging, but they also pay well.


Electricians always have their life on the line when doing their job. This is why being an electrician is such a challenging job, yet the pay is good. Finding the ins and outs of this job is not difficult as presented by Steve the Ask The Electrical Guy who does his best to answer questions in the electrical sphere. Reading upon this job becomes even more attractive with the fact that the average income of an electrician in 2019 was $91,455.

Bulldozer mechanic

The name explains it all, every kid’s dream job is to operate a bulldozer. It may seem like an easy job, you just destroy buildings. Well, it becomes pretty complicated when you need to demolish buildings efficiently and safely. Bulldozers are also integral when it comes to mining. With an annual salary of around $50k to $60k and the fact you do not need university, it is a pretty lucrative and challenging job.

Snake milker

Having your life in danger is a common thing when it comes to hard jobs that pay well. Snake milking is one of these jobs that not many people are very fond of doing. This job is very important for antivenom production, an industry that is unfortunately on the rise. Snake milking is the worst job for people who have any kind of fear of snakes. You will get close and personal to that snake if you want that venom out of it and that $50k per year.


Being a biochemist is not always life-threatening unless you work in a bio lab with level 4 security measures. In order to become a biochemist, you will need to sacrifice at least 8 years of your life studying. This means both studying from books, scientific papers, and doing a lot of lab work. Being a biochemist is pretty challenging, and even after those 8 years you still have a lot to go. Unless you love science, even the average salary of around $90k will not be enough of a motivation.

Nuclear power plant operator

Believe it or not, this job is much safer than all of the aforementioned jobs. The challenge lies again, in studying something extremely hard. Even when you are done, you still need to operate a nuclear power plant. This job is also rising in demand due to nuclear being the best eco-friendly option. With the average salary of around $90k per year, why not consider learning some nuclear physics? 

Private butler

Being a butler looks like walking in the park, then how do you explain the high demand? You never know the schedule of your job and you can expect to work long hours. You need to adapt to the situation and always know how to treat the employer and their guests. There are even high-end schools that teach you only the best ways to be a butler. Are you willing to get around $70k annually to serve a person you do not know much about?


The 6 listed jobs are pretty challenging because of the high skill gap one must reach. Many people are not aware of the skills that they have until it’s too late. This is not their fault, it is this system’s fault and the tradition that surrounds it. The route is just to try to find a safe job, here is a regular list, and if you do not comply you are a weirdo.

It is time to put an end to this dogma of looking at jobs through the lens of others. If a job is challenging and you want it, you should definitely try it out, listen to your heart. Not only will you be more satisfied with the job, but you can make a lot of money as well. If you want to try something new and exciting with your life, you should definitely consider these 6 jobs.

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