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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Cool Down from the Desert Sun at The Mad Greek

Vehicle provided on behalf of Kia

After stopping at Zzyzx Road on our epic OC to Vegas road trip, the kids were in the mood for a refreshing treat. In the past, our family would always stop for a milkshake at The Bun Boy, but since they have gone out of business, we decided to try The Mad Greek instead.

We arrived just before dusk, and the area was busy with families fueling up their cars with gas, getting some alien jerky, and grabbing a bite before getting back on the road. I pulled our Kia Sorento into the parking lot of The Mad Greek, and we made a dash from the air conditioned car into the air conditioned restaurant – it was about 120 degrees at the time!

As we walked into the restaurant, the kids were enjoying looking at the different white plaster Greek statues, and when we looked at the menu, it was hard to decide what to order. They had everything from milkshakes to gyros. Having had a filling lunch earlier in the day at Peggy Sue’s Diner, we all decided just to get milkshakes.

The milkshakes were reasonably priced, and they were done within just a few minutes. The kids and I sat down in a bright blue booth and enjoyed sipping on the refreshing creamy drink. The milkshake was one of the best that we have ever had, and it was easy to tell that it was made with freshly scooped ice cream and high-quality ingredients.

Once we were done, we got back into our Kia Sorento that was sweltering from being parked under the desert sun. I was able to turn the air conditioning as high as it would go and hit the button for the air conditioned seats and within seconds the car cooled down.

When traveling with your family from Orange County to Vegas, make a stop at The Mad Greek for a milkshake before making your way to the Seven Magic Mountains.

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