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How to Cope with Your Loved One’s Wrongful Death

Death is a natural part of one’s life cycle. But when there is an element of error like reckless action, violent assault, medical practice, negligence, an accidental or intentional move to hurt the victim that leads to wrongful death, family members can file a civil lawsuit. This legal motion aims to get monetary compensation for the deceased family after the untimely demise of a loved one.

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To help you file the case and pursue the right compensation, you need a legal expert. High-caliber and experienced Orange County Wrongful Death Attorneys know how to handle the defenses and the tactics and tricks of insurance company lawyers. They are also skilled in negotiating with the at-fault party attorney to help get what you deserve.

Ways to cope with the wrongful death of a loved one

While working with a wrongful death attorney to seek justice in the financial recovery context, the bereaved party is battling against emotional and financial issues. At this point, it is crucial to maintain a healthy mental and physical state to get through the excruciating ordeal.

Understand that it takes time to heal

Grieving for a loved one is accepting that every day could be a bad day. Give yourself room to grieve one day at a time because the grieving process could be a long, lonely journey. Instead of keeping the emotions inside, allow the pain, anger, sorrow, denial, loneliness, or guilt to manifest and give a good cry to release them.

Get a support system

You need to establish a strong support system to help you go through the healing process. During this period, your family and friends surround you with love and support, so strengthen your ties without becoming dependent. You can also join online groups of people who have gone through similar situations. These venues offer coping interventions and opportunities to share your emotional burdens. Given the circumstances, you need to be strong and survive to take care of your family.

Make self-care your priority

If you are a surviving spouse with kids, losing a partner is a shocking and painful experience. You need to be both a father and a mother as well as find a way to get or increase your income to raise your children. Be healthy physically and mentally while battling with emotional struggles.

Set new patterns and routines to minimize triggers

Routines provide consistency and normalcy but keeping them the way they are before losing a loved one can trigger pain, sadness, and panic. Establishing new routines can reduce the triggers. While you want to cling to the memories of having lunch together at a certain time or doing weekend dates, you can fill the time with activities to improve your well-being, like practicing yoga or going to the gym. Of course, the children’s activities should be sustained.

Be available for your children

Your kids need you more after the shocking experience, so be there for them. It is not easy as you are also handling your own emotions and other family matters, but you are their strongest anchor at this juncture. Make sure to check abnormal behaviors like acting out, solitude, regression, or apathy which are usual reactions of children who are having a difficult time understanding death and loss. Do not take their burdens; encourage them to express their bottled emotions and spend more quality time together for collective healing.

Get answers to allow closure

If you believe that your loved one’s death is due to someone’s negligence and other questionable acts, seek answers to get closure. It may lead to filing a compensation claim to get through the bottom of the incident or accident, but understanding what really transpired prior to the death would help you accept the fact. It is up to you to file a criminal case if there is circumstantial evidence. But at the very least, you will be getting a monetary settlement to help your family go through the initial period of grieving and surviving when the financial support was suddenly cut.


Wrongful death can be more painful knowing that there are elements of errors that can be prevented and spared your loved one, but accepting the harsh reality necessitates getting justice. It starts with getting what is due to your family in terms of financial compensation. A compassionate and experienced wrongful death lawyer will protect your interest and leverage the evidence to maximize your claim.

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