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The Cost Breakdown How Much Does Senior Home Care Cost

Most individuals undoubtedly choose to stay at home when they age. Being a senior citizen requires extra support from family members in a familiar environment.  

supporting elderly

For various reasons, including lack of knowledge on medical care, families choose to leave their loved ones in the hands of professionals, whether in a residential, assisted living facility, or a senior home. Depending on the specific health conditions of the elderly, some of these assisted living facilities may be better than the other. 

Regardless of the venue, caring for them will require specific costs to their families. Find out how much you may be spending on senior home care.

Regardless of the venue, caring for them will require specific costs to their families. Find out how much you may be spending on senior home care.

4 Factors That Impact Senior Home Costs   

  • Type of service: If the senior is still fully functional and needs minor assistance in their daily activities, the cost of care will likely be more affordable. 
  • The number of hours: An elderly suffering from health issues needs monitoring for long periods. The number of hours that a caregiver needs to spend with a resident impacts the price. 
  • Supplies and materials needed: Some individuals may need extra supplies and materials for comfort.  
  • Location: States have different pay rates for care workers, affecting the cost of elderly service. For instance, Florida home care is higher than Louisiana, as the latter state has one of the cheapest senior care costs.

Types Of Elderly Care

  • In-home care: Under this arrangement, seniors stay in their homes and accept visits from a care worker. Services often include personal care, companionship care, and respite care for loved ones.  
  •  Care Homes: These facilities are for aging persons, often housing up to 20 residents. These small facilities often focus on personal care.  
  • Assisted living: This facility is for seniors who want extra help for their daily activities. Most assisted-living venues offer different care levels that become pricier as additional nursing and medical services are needed.    
  • Nursing homes: Of all the elderly centers, these homes offer the most comprehensive medical and rehabilitation services.    

In some cases, seniors who have severe physical and mental issues like dementia are best cared for by professionals working in nursing homes. Inversely, those who are generally healthy can stay in a home that’s made more elderly-friendly with a few structural changes.

How Much Does Elderly Home Care Cost?

In the United States, the average cost of in-home senior care is at USD$4,290, according to Genworth Financial’s Cost of Care Survey. This type of care is the cheapest because it covers only essential services.  

The price increases slightly for in-home health care at USD$4,385 a month for seniors who require extra medical care. Calculations were based on a 44-hour average in a week, where a caregiver charges USD$24 for primary care and one dollar higher for in-home health care.   

The same survey added that monthly nursing home services are the most expensive at USD $8,517 for a private room. The figures quoted reflect the national average, which means the price can vary wildly from state to state and even from one center to another.  

How Your In-Home Care Cost May Be Broken Down:

Because care homes, assisted-living facilities, and skilled nursing centers have fixed packages, you may ask the administration for the actual breakdown of costs. With in-home elderly care, though, it’s easier to find out the price structure for supporting elderly loved ones, as you have to consider the following:   


  • Hourly rate: Some agencies require a minimum of two hours for in-home elderly service who are relatively healthy.       



  • Daily charge:  Elderly patients who require nursing or medical care need continuous assistance. Home care agencies typically charge at least USD$200 daily, depending on the state you’re in and the personalized care required. 



  • Overnight rates: Some seniors, especially those who have Alzheimer’s disease, may need overnight care because they tend to do things that may be irrational to most. The senior’s family may hire a care worker to monitor the patient for up to 12 hours, starting anytime during the evening. Overnight rates start at USD$120, again depending on the specialized care your loved one needs.          


The Bottom Line      

More than thinking about costs, it’s more crucial to consider the best type of care an elderly family member requires. Relatively healthy seniors may only need a companion for a few hours a day, and in-house care may be enough to fulfill their needs. Meanwhile, elderly persons who require particular medical care should be in skilled nursing facilities to ensure their health needs.









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