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How To Create The Perfect Home Gym For Absolute Beginners

You might be an experienced athlete seeking to set up a home gym, or you might be wondering what gym equipment offers the most value for your money. Another possibility is that you’re genuinely trying to walk around more, which is a fantastic place to start. Keep reading if you’re interested in taking the next step in your fitness journey.


Your space and equipment requirements will be determined by your fitness goals.

Consider the kind of exercise you’re going to perform and how frequently when you first decide to work out at home or with friends. What kind of workout do I enjoy doing the most? Your response can aid in your planning for the size of the area you’ll require and the items you’ll rely on the most. What does practising more yoga entail if you enjoy it and have that as a goal? A mat, room to move around on the mat, yoga blocks, straps, and perhaps a way to access internet yoga videos are all likely items.

Perhaps an HIIT workout that alternates between sprinting sprints and weightlifting is your favourite exercise. So you’ll need to decide whether you’ll run outside, on a treadmil or on a compact elliptical, as well as what weights you’ll require. You should also think about if your surroundings provide the room you need for the movements.

Find the right space

The location of your home gym will depend on the workouts you intend to perform and the amount of equipment you have. You can make a place in the basement, a garage, or an extra bedroom. You can work out in your backyard, driveway, or even a tiny area of your living room. To protect your floors, decide whether you’ll need a mat or to lay down foam tiles (and your joints, depending on your exercise).

Add more equipment to your routine as you go

When you’re motivated, it can be alluring to get all of the glitzy equipment at once, but it’s wiser to add a little at a time, especially as you determine your gym’s location and usage frequency.

You should make your next buy or spend on something more expensive if you discover that you’ve been consistently using your gym or if you’re growing stronger and need higher weights.

Consider changing up your routine

Consistency in your workouts is crucial, but so is diversity. A decent fitness regimen should combine cardio and strength training, but it’s not necessary to train for a marathon or bench 150 pounds. It all depends on your fitness or weight loss goals and the kind of exercises you intend to conduct. Cardio can refer to a variety of exercises, including jogging, biking, jumping jacks, and kickboxing. Bodyweight exercises, free weights, or resistance bands can all be helpful for building strength. Try to incorporate a mix of cardio and strength training into any at-home workouts you plan to complete that will benefit you and your objectives.

Create a motivational environment

Ensure that the area where you work out is one in which you truly want to spend time. If your dark basement isn’t inspiring you, think about adding some shelving, matting, or paint to brighten it up. Consider installing space heaters if you have been working out in your garage but have stopped because it is too chilly.

Making the area more inspiring by adding inspirational images, sayings, or a TV to stream online lectures is a good idea. A more individualised and motivating space can also be made by adding more lighting, a Bluetooth speaker, a timer, or a full-length mirror.

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