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Creating the Internet World in Ralph Breaks the Internet

We attended the interview as a guest of Disney

The upcoming film, Ralph Breaks the Internet, starts just where the story left off in Wreck it Ralph. The big difference between this film vs. the first is that most of the film takes place “in” the internet. Now, the internet is not an actual “place” that the creators of the film could visit to recreate for the film, and they had to use their imagination to create the magical world of the internet in Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Earlier this month, I had the honor of talking with Matthias Lechner (art director, environments), Larry Wu(head of environments) and Ernie Petti (technical supervisor) about how they created the complex metropolis – the internet.

In this film there are some sets from the first movie, there are real-world sets, some that have been added to this movie, and then they have the internet. The team began their research by going to Wilshire One in Los Angeles, where hundreds and hundreds of servers are stored. When building the internet, they wanted it to have a metropolis city feel.

On the street level, it has a vertical dimension with 45% angles. Some holograms help to add charm and color to the city, plus there are lots of cool easter eggs located throughout the city.

When it came to transportation, people move freely around by using an Amazon drone, recycling truck, etc. They designed street signs that are international. The traffic lights look just like the red, yellow and green symbol on your computer browser. The one thing you’ll notice when first seeing the city is that there are many different languages located throughout the city.

The city is a floating city with the deep web underneath. The deep web is where the discarded information is kept. You can take the encrypted elevator to go lower below the city where you’ll find a lot of virus’ living.

They wanted the audience to feel immersed in the internet that we all know. They put familiar signs on the building in the city like “BuzzzTube,” Amazon, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and more. You’ll see these familiar signs continually lighting up and disappearing throughout the city. Then there is the Google building that towers over everything in the city.

You’ll feel immersed into the world of the internet when watching Ralph Breaks the Internet in theaters on November 21st. They did an incredible job of creating a world that is everything all of us would expect the internet to look like – and you’ll feel like it is an actual place.

Learn more about Ralph Breaks the Internet online, Facebook, and Instagram.

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