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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Creating Memories Hiking with Your Teens


As my two older children quickly became teenagers, it has been more important than ever for me to spend quality time with each of them. One of my favorite things to do with my teenagers is to take them for hikes along our beautiful Orange County trails. There is something about being close to nature and away from the stresses of daily life that help my teens to open up about the challenges and stresses of being a teenager in the 20th century.

Earlier this month, I surprised my teenage daughter with news that we were going for a hike in Laguna Canyon. I packed up our GMC Acadia Denali with water bottles and snacks before getting ready to cruise down to Laguna Canyon. While on our way to the hiking trail, we rolled down the windows and felt the wind in our hair while listening to our music through the Bose premium eight-speaker radio system. The sun was shining through the dual skyscape sunroof, and we were both excited about getting close to nature together.

The entrance to the Laguna Canyon hiking trail parking lot is a tight squeeze. I was able to safely pull the car into the parking lot using the surround vision system. I could see exactly how much space I had around the front of the car as I carefully pulled into the parking lot.

When we arrived at the hiking trail, we laced up our tennis shoes and got ready to go on a long hike together. We created so many magical memories together as we saw a coyote, rattle snack and lots of wildflowers. My daughter was able to feel comfortable talking to me about what’s happening in her school without the worries of her brothers interjecting. It was the perfect way to bond and reconnect with my teenage daughter.

After our hike, we took time driving down Laguna Canyon and stopping at many of the different art galleries. If you live in Orange County, then you know how hard it is to pull onto the busy Laguna Canyon Road – there is barely ever a break in traffic. I was easily able to get on and off of the road with ease using cross traffic alert that is part of the teen driver safety package.

If you’re looking for a great way to connect with your teenager. Take them for a ride in your GMC Acadia Denali to a local hiking trail and create memories that will last a lifetime. Learn more about the GMC Acadia Denali by taking a test drive at your nearest GMC dealer.

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