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Custom Los Angeles Booklet and Catalog Printing

For any business, printed catalogs and booklets can help communicate your brand’s value and services. But catalogs and booklets are for more than just registered businesses! Printed materials can be helpful for artists and creative portfolios, non-profit services, educators, and more. For many people, catalogs and booklets are a tangible way to showcase your work. Using a local printer for catalog and booklet printing in Los Angeles is a great way to see your product through the entire printing process. Plus, expedited services are available as well!

The Benefits of Printed Catalogs and Booklets

Finding an experienced printing service to produce your catalog or booklet is essential. Teams can help you through the entire printing process – from creating the initial design to holding the final booklet product in your hand. For your business, a catalog or booklet should communicate your services and value. Plus, there are many benefits of a printed brochure!

Catalogs and booklets are also great because they are portable and educational. If you regularly attend pop-up shops, trade shows, sales and job interviews, or other events, a printed booklet can help spread awareness for your brand. These types of printed materials can then be carried away from your booth or meeting for potential customers to review on their own time. 

The information you provide in your booklet will educate customers on your services and products. If you have already created sales documents for your business, creating a booklet with additional or summarized information is an excellent add-on for your team. Especially when real-life demonstrations are not possible, providing a catalog or booklet will help convey the ins and outs of your product to the customer.

For portfolio creators, a booklet offers you the opportunity to share details about your work. Include important information about your creative process, tools, materials, or subject matter on each page.

Finally, the most significant benefit of a catalog or booklet is the visual aspect. Combining photos, graphics, and text will create a visual picture in your customer’s mind. For portfolios, this is essential because you are highlighting your body of work. Communicating your brand is vital as a consistent visual design will often link you to the product, service, or work in your customer’s mind.

Find a Los Angeles Catalog and Booklet Printing Service

Printing services will have a variety of options for your catalog or booklet. Look for a printer that offers multiple printing sizes. The most common is 8.5”x11”, but look for custom size options as well. Options for binding also provide a way for you to customize the look of your booklet for your business. Standard bindings include perfect binding, saddle stitch, comb binding, coil binding, and wire binding. Additional printing options – including bleed or no bleed, double or single-sided – should also be available for you to select. Contact your local printing service today if you are ready to create a catalog or booklet for your business or portfolio!



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