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Daddy and Daughter Date Night at Images Luxury Nail Lounge

Beginning of the year has a higher workload for me.  As such, I try to put aside time to spend with the kids.  As part of that, I like to spend one on one time with each of them, that way I can ask them questions without the other jumping in with their response.


Spending time with my son is pretty easy; we go to the comic book store, and then we catch a burger.  But with my daughter, I was having a harder time figuring out an activity that would entertain both of us.  She was not into comics.  So I asked her, what she likes to do.  Her immediate response was manicure and pedicure (or as she likes to say “Mani and Pedi”). Now, that was not an answer I was expecting. I thought this is something she likes to do with her mom.  I began offering her other activities that would have been fun for her dad.  Bowling?  Miniature Golf?  Bookstore?  Ice cream?  No, to all of them.  I began to get into the bribing territory and offered her a day at Disneyland.  Nope. No to Disneyland? So I relented. A Daddy and Daughter evening out doing Mani and Pedi.  We chose to go to Images Luxury Nail Lounge in Irvine a new location that has spa level treatment for men. The MAN-icure Menu had all sorts of options, with a variety of price points.  I didn’t realize that there were any options for men let alone that many.




We entered a very nice, bright and colorful location and were greeted by Vanessa, the store’s manager.  After choosing our packages, we were shown to these very comfortable leather massage chairs.  By the way, I didn’t realize they were massage chairs until my daughter informed me which buttons to push.  And then I was in heaven.  But wait!  My Mani and Pedi hadn’t even started!



I was then greeted by two ladies who were providing the MAN-icure service.  The process began with a nice foot soak, followed by taking care of the nails and cuticles.  Then they put both my hands and feet in a hot oil treatment bag that were pleasant. Then that followed with exfoliation and a 10-minute massage.  So much stuff was happening that I kept thinking that it was over, but my daughter kept saying “wait dad, there is a lot more left.”



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The entire treatment was close to an hour, similar to a massage at a spa.  But I have to tell you that the unique ability to chat with my daughter made it worth far more than any massage I would have done.  I had so much fun during this treatment; I immediately sent a text to my wife telling her that we would be doing this together as well.  I have to say it was a day of many firsts.  First of all, the contrary to my belief they at no time they apply nail polish on my fingers.  Second, doing Mani/Pedi is not for women only.  Third, my daughter and I had a good hour discussing what is important in her life (in a very relaxing atmosphere I have to say) that made the whole evening priceless.





For more information about Images Luxury Nail Lounge visit their website at or visit their Irvine location at 3881 Alton Parkway Ste. F, Irvine, CA 92606.

Houman Jazaeri is an OC dad who juggles work, play and his love of technology. On the side he runs, a website that reviews apps and has published his first book, 52 Apps for the College Student.

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