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Daily Creative Writing Prompts for Adults

When it comes to creative writing on the internet, the volume wins at the end of the day. Plenty of people all over the world are creating content for books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, websites, social media platforms, and more.

Writing Tips

While most seem to enjoy the idea of producing content constantly for their readers, it can be both physically and mentally exhausting. The last thing you need as a writer is to suffer from burnout because that can leave you mentally drained and enable you to come up with fresh content. A team of experts from CustomWritings which provides creative writing services for students highlight some daily creative writing prompts for adults.

10 best creative writing prompts

Write about mistakes

No one is perfect and throughout our lives, careers, relationships, business ventures, looking for happiness, and more, we have made a few mistakes along the way. It is one thing making mistakes but not learning from them is another. We always have to learn from our mistakes and you can write about “mistakes” you’ve made to prevent others from repeating them. People enjoy reading the “ I made this error and this is what I learned” story.

Write about habits

People are always looking for new things to do every single day. You can do no wrong by sharing your habits with people both good and bad. You can also go into deeper details and explain how your habits influence some decisions you take. This is a great category to produce content on because others are always looking for new habits to spice up their lives.

Write about hacks or tips

People sometimes want to do things quickly and in this category, you can share shortcuts, quick lips, or lesser-known hacks. When things feel long or harder to do, it is always to read something that helps get them done quickly and effectively. If you want to change the lives of others, writing down quick tips and hacks will go a long way.

Write about lessons

Sit down and reflect on some lessons you’ve learned throughout your journey in life. Write down and share with people the lessons you go back to the most, what you think of them, who taught you the lesson, what makes it special, and so on.

Write about principles

Every person has a set of rules or principles that they live by. These define the person and shape them to be who they are today. Are there any non-negotiable in your life? What are the things that influence your decision-making? Who are the people that inspire some principles you live by? Is it family? Mentors? Workmates? Celebrities?

Write about the news

One of the most popular forms of content in the world is news. If you’re having any doubts about what content to write about, the current affair is a good place to start. There are plenty of things happening all over the world and you can touch on a specific industry, things happening in your city or town like events, and much more. The manner you choose to deliver this news is very important or you can go the route of just sharing your views on things.

Write about jobs

Apart from writing about the news, jobs is another topic that is very well known. The potential is very high when writing about jobs because you can act as a mentor and give people advice regarding certain jobs. You can write about the many jobs that are available in different industries across the world. How much do they pay? Things to do to land yourself a dream job? Ways to stand out during a job application? Which jobs offer the most freedom? Which jobs are the most lucrative? Not many people are happy at their work of employment and you can advise people who are stuck in a dead-end job.

Write about interviews

Interviews are very tricky to pull off and many people do get them wrong when it comes to writing them. The common mistake that is made is writers are too reliant on the person being interviewed to be the star of the show. Name alone, even if they are a well-known celebrity, is not enough to carry the interview. If you want to show people you are a good writer, you have to find a compelling way to ask questions to draw in your reader’s attention. You will make your content a joy to read with this approach.

Write about trends

Trends are very powerful these days especially in fashion and there is something powerful about predicting the direction certain things will go. It is in our nature to keep up with what’s capturing people’s attention. By writing content on things that are trending, you are on your way to producing something that will gather momentum over time. Pick an industry you’re interested in, do your research, conclude, and then build your argument.

Write “How to” guides for people

When people have no idea how to do something, they always search the internet for a “how-to” guide. Take something simple like” How to make Chicken Tikka Masala”. There will be someone somewhere in a certain part of the world who wants to make this dish for the first time and will want some pointers. If you know how to make this dish, explain it to them in detail while adding in a few snippets of how you learned how to make it yourself to make your content interesting and exciting.

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