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How to Have a Date Night That Doesn’t Break the Bank


Having regular date nights is a struggle for all parents. It is costly, and often challenging to find a sitter on a regular basis. After having our third son, my doctor stressed the importance of having a date night every week. Every week? I thought it was impossible until I discovered how to get a little creative.

We have never been a couple that watched television (we don’t even want or need cable) until our friends introduced us to some crazy awesome shows this summer. First it started with Breaking Bad, and then we went onto Revenge, Weeds and now Scandal. We started creating “at home date nights” around our new favorite shows without ever having to worry about the high cost of a sitter and fancy restaurant.

How do we do it? It is simple! We put the kids into bed early one night a week, and if that is a challenge we will let them rent their favorite movie to watch upstairs. Then we light some candles and cook a romantic meal together before enjoying while watching our favorite show. Our marriage has become stronger by taking the time each week to cook an intimate dinner together while laughing and talking about our week.

We have even gotten a little creative by making themed meals centered around what the episode we were going to watching that night. We are able to get a sneak peek by watching a six second segment of the show using the ConnecTV app, and we can even Tweet or Facebook it to each other or share with our friends on our social networks.

Date night doesn’t have to break the bank – get creative and make your marriage stronger than ever by taking the time each week to have intimate time alone together.

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