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How to Have Date Night at Home

Date Night

Keeping a strong marriage is our number one priority. Without a healthy marriage, we cannot parent our children effectively, and have a loving household for the kids to grow up. We got married young (before I was 21) and had been together for almost 17 years (I just aged myself for you). Being a young married couple, we came across many challenges, and found that having weekly date nights have kept our marriage strong over the years. But, once you have kids, it gets harder to have weekly date nights. The kids get sick, the budget gets tighter, and the calendar is always full. How do we do it? We will often have our date night at home vs. going out.

Over the years, our kids have built an enormous excitement over our at home date nights. They enjoy the fun evening just as much as we do, and I love having one night a week dedicated to the man I love.

How do you have a date night at home with three little children running around? It is simple and just requires a little planning. Start by talking to your kids. When we first started having at home date nights, we talked to our children about the importance of mommy and daddy having time together. Then it is time for the fun part – planning your night.

We have the kids write down what they want for dinner, and what movie they want to watch. I always make it fun by transforming my room into a pillow fortress or make a fort with blankets. We then stream their favorite movie for them to watch, and let them eat dinner inside the fort I set-up while we have our date night downstairs.

At first, the kids would try and tip toe downstairs to be with us, but after a couple of date nights, they learned to respect our time together and started staying upstairs watching their special movie.

While downstairs, we will either cook for each other, order food in or just sit by the fire pit in the backyard and talk while sipping on a glass of wine. It is our time to reconnect, recharge and bond together as a couple.

Steve and Shelby

What are you waiting for? Begin having your date nights at home, and I guarantee they’ll become one of your favorite ways to spend time together as a couple. Plus, you can stream movies seamlessly for your kids by using Verizon FiOS.

Have fun having your next date night at home.

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