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How to Deal with Your Child’s Disabilities

It’s hard to deal with your child’s disabilities as a parent. Yet trying to do it all will only burn you out. But there is often relief in unlikely places. Here are some ways you can manage better.

It Helps to Learn About Conditions

Suppose you don’t educate yourself about your child’s condition. In that case, you cannot possibly hope to manage them and yourself to the best of your ability. From understanding hearing loss to managing chronic or life-threatening illnesses, your children rely upon you to help them navigate the ups and downs of their youth. Medical professionals are always helpful. But you can also use online resources such as WebMD and other medical journals.

There’s Support Available

There may not be others with exactly the same range of issues as your child. But there are others who face similar problems. Find people who are going through all of the same problems as your child to build a strong support network. You can make great friends who are there for you even when things are bad. For example, suppose your child’s illness keeps you from going outside much. In that case, there are many support groups on social media sites like Facebook.

Your Child’s Disabilities Depend on Hard Choices

Often, you just have to pick the least harmful option. Even if you worry about how to deal with your child’s problems until you can’t sleep, you won’t always get it right, no matter how hard you try. Of course, you will mess up sometimes, even if you try really hard not to. And you can torture yourself as much as you want. But it won’t feel better or help you make better decisions. Remember that there is no right answer to many of the hardest decisions you have to make.

Every Step is a Small Win

It’s hard to raise a child who has special needs. It can also make you feel better. Brag about the things our kids have done that may not seem like much to other people but are huge to them. Your kids grow and change at their own pace. They learn some skills late and never master others. Whether it’s a toe that wiggles for the first time, a single word, or even a faint smile, share that moment with the people who love you and express it with your child.

Try Not to Compare Development

No two kids are the same, even if they are the same age and have the same parents. And your child is one of a kind and will have their individual strengths and weaknesses. They will change and develop at their personal speed. Talk to your child’s doctor if you think they are missing a developmental milestone. But remember, comparing your child’s progress to that of other kids in childcare or even to kids with the same kind of disability rarely makes you feel better. 


It’s always tough to deal with your child’s disabilities. However, you can help by learning about any conditions, making decisions you think are best, and taking development at their pace.

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