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The Debut of Baymax at the Big Hero 6 Red Carpet Premiere

We attended as a guest of Subway
Big Hero 6 Premiere 12

The time officially came when Baymax made his world debut at the “Big Hero 6” red carpet event in Los Angeles last week. All of the stars of the film walked the red carpet in celebration of new beloved family film.

Big Hero 6 Premiere 10

Big Hero 6 Premiere 9

Big Hero 6 Premiere 7

After fueling up on our favorite Subway sandwiches, our kids walked the carpet while stopping to take lots of fun pictures along the way. Once the last celebrity had their picture taken on the red carpet, everyone went into the theater to watch the film for the first time. The entire theater cheered when the lights dimmed and the film began.

Big Hero 6 Premiere 14

Big Hero 6 Premiere 13

Big Hero 6 Premiere 11

Big Hero 6 Premiere 8

During the film, Baymax won over the hearts of the audience before doing the same with the rest of the Nation during opening week of the film. We laughed and we cried during the heartwarming film, and the story of Baymax and Hero, became of our favorite Disney story of all-time.

Big Hero 6 Premiere 6

Big Hero 6 Premiere 4

Big Hero 6 Premiere 2

Big Hero 6 Premiere 1

When the film was done, the kids and I went to a fun Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles where we celebrated the film along with the filmmakers and actors who brought the movie to life. It was an unforgettable night that my kids will never forget.

Big Hero 6 Premiere 16

Big Hero 6 Premiere 15

Big Hero 6 Premiere 5

Big Hero 6 Premiere 3

For a limited-time, your kids can get their own collectible “Big Hero 6” lunchbox with the purchase of a kid’s meal at Subway. Don’t miss seeing the film “Big Hero 6” with your kids, and then have lunch at your closest Subway.


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