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How to Decorate Your Kitchen in a Stylish and Family-Friendly Way

A Kitchen Your Family Loves To Spend Time In

Think of the sort of kitchen that is found in a top-tier restaurant. Now think of the sort of kitchen in a castle, or in a log cabin. Now consider the kitchen in a cafeteria. They’re all different, aren’t they? And, though log cabin kitchens or castle kitchens may serve families, they don’t tend to be family-friendly.

Now think of the sort of kitchen that exists in a residential home which rests among other similar properties defining a given suburb. That kitchen will be more warm, spacious, and artistically interesting than the cold stainless-steel accoutrements of, say, a cafeteria or restaurant’s kitchen. Family kitchens are typically warm, aromatic, and inviting.

However, the best kitchen doesn’t become that way in a vacuum. You’re going to have to put some work in. Following we’ll briefly cover several things you can do to make your kitchen stylish and family-friendly; a win-win for everybody in the house.

Keep Children’s Cups, Silverware, And Dishes Separate

Especially if you have two or three kids under five, you want to make sure proper dishes are available. Plastic plates, forks, knives, spoons, and “sippy” cups are all recommendable; but you don’t need brightly-colored plastic-wear beside all your wine glasses in the cabinet above the sink.

For one thing, you feel like a goon drinking from them. For another, the kids can’t reach. What makes more sense is storing kids’ dishes in a low area that’s easy for them to access. Also, if you keep such child-centered cutlery away from adult-oriented wares, you’ll keep them from climbing on counters and incidentally breaking things. They win and you win.

Use Color Schemes That Won’t Show Stains

Bright white floors, cabinets, counters, and other interior decorative items tend to stain easily. Granted, the material such things are made from will play a small part in stains. However, if you’ve got granite countertops sanded to complete smoothness with a mottled greenish tint, you’re less likely to see them become irreversibly stained.

Figure out what stain-resistant color schemes work for you and your house, and assure you’ve got such schemes in your kitchen. This will save you from having to contend with permanent stains; or at least, if you do see some stains like that, they’ll be easier to forget about as they “blend in” with the rest of the room’s décor.

Assure You’ve Got Proper Storage

Another good idea for décor might just be solid wood kitchen cabinets; these are stylish, durable, can store quite a bit, and installation tends to be pretty straightforward—depending on the space where installation occurs, of course. You might install some down low for the kids, and a few up high for your more special dishes and cutlery.

Keep Sharp Things Properly Stowed

It shouldn’t be easy for the young ones to acquire a serrated knife and tear around the house. Knives, scissors, skewers, and other sharpened implements should be stored high and away from the young ones. A good idea is installing fold-down knife storage under the microwave, or above the sink—wherever such storage is both safe and convenient.

Consider Separate Dining Areas

Certainly it’s best to spend time dining as a family, but for kids under five, you’re going to have your work cut out for you. Certainly, as they age, and become more mature, it will be easier to seat them at the table with you and your spouse. But when they’re really little, they are probably either going to eat out of a high chair, or so sporadically family dinner is hard.

What a lot of families do is design family dining areas for the young ones, and for adults. As young ones mature, they can eat with the “grown-ups”. Also, whenever you have family get-togethers, then you’ve already got a place for the young ones of your kin.

Making The Most Of Your Home’s Heart

Separate dining areas for very young children and adults (as applicable), safe storage of sharp food prep implements, effective storage, stain-friendly color schemes, and separation of child-friendly dishes from those intended for adults represent five notable ways to assure you kitchen is stylish and family-friendly simultaneously.

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