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Decorating Your Hallway to Wow Your Guests

The hallway is where your guests get their first impression of your home as a whole. For this reason, you shouldn’t overlook it when it comes to interior decorating and put some design efforts into making it look as neat and inviting as possible. Indeed, designing a hallway can be a challenging task, as hallways vary greatly in terms of their sizes and shapes, so you need to determine your needs and approach it carefully.

Keeping House Clean

Fortunately, there are a plethora of exciting ways to decorate your hallway and make it look more than just a transitional space that connects the entry with adjacent rooms. Apart from getting creative with hallway storage units and animating the space with house plants, you can also create an accent wall, add recessed indoor lights, or lay down an interesting carpet.

Continue reading and choose something to your linking to decorate your hallway.

Storage Options

Hallways are usually small and lack storage options for keeping items such as coats, keys, shoes, and other belongings, without making the room look cluttered. For this reason, you need to get creative when it comes to maximizing storage space. There are many ways to do this, including a freestanding storage unit, an unusual shoe storage cabinet, wicker baskets, and decorative hooks for things such as jackets and umbrellas.

If you want a shelf or bookshelf in your hallway, consider painting it in a color that is complementary to the rest of your home. If you want hooks, you can pick decorative ones (e.g., in a contrasting color) or choose those in natural wood color.

Accent Wall

An accent wall should stand out from the rest of the room by bringing in some color, texture, and interest to the space. The best way to achieve this is to paint one wall in your hallway a bright color – or at least one completely different from the rest of the house. If you decide to go with this approach, you may want to consider painting one or two adjacent walls a darker shade of the same color so that the transition between the two areas will be softened and more subtle.

Alternatively, if you want your hallway to stand out in terms of style and decor, consider decorating it with patterned wallpaper. Embossed wallpaper in a geometric pattern is a trendy choice for hallways. It can be used to cover an entire wall or just act as a striking focal point on one side of it.

Recessed Lighting

Hallways often present a challenge when it comes to lighting – they usually don’t have windows, meaning that there is no natural light to help illuminate the space. In addition, many people tend to turn these lights on and off all the time or even keep them on all day long because they spend so much time there (as they transition between rooms).

That’s why hallway recessed lighting is so important. It will bring more light into the space and make it feel less cramped and more spacious. This type of lighting is also straightforward to install and gives you more control over the light’s direction and intensity.

Accent Carpet

A hall runner or carpet is an excellent way to add another layer of visual interest to your hallway and soften its appearance. The key here is choosing one that complements the rest of your home’s decor and doesn’t clash with anything (be especially careful if you want it to stand out). For example, if your hallway features hardwood flooring, you may want to choose a short carpet that doesn’t cover up the wood completely.

Alternatively, you can choose a plush carpet that covers almost all of your hallway flooring and offers you extra padding when walking on it barefoot or in your slippers. Any type of carpet looks better when framed by a beautiful stair runner.

House Plants

Hallways are often overlooked when it comes to decorations, but they can actually add a lot of character to the space if you choose them properly. One way to do this is with house plants, which are becoming increasingly popular in all areas of the house.

For example, terrariums are a great option for bringing some greenery to hallways, as they are small in size and don’t need much maintenance. You can also pick bigger plants, such as palms or ZZ plants. These plants are perfect for low light and will look amazing when placed on a table or shelf and make the hallway look more inviting.

Final Thoughts

Decorating your hallway is a great way to make your house look more inviting, as well as an investment in the home’s value. Thankfully, there are many ways to accomplish this, from using different types of wall treatments to adding lighting and storage units.

You can also create a feature wall, add an accent carpet or runner, and buy some plants to bring life into your hallway. Hallways don’t need to be boring, so make yours as welcoming and cozy as possible by making some creative design choices. Whichever decorating idea you choose, you may сonsult with your local contractor for advice and assistance. Happy decorating!

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