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Deep-Fried Food Is Bad For Your Health- Here Are Some Healthier Alternatives

Fried food is delicious and all, but fried food can be bad for your health. If you’re looking to ditch fried foods without missing out on the taste, there are healthier alternatives out there. your health is on the line if you don’t choose healthy food options. Here are some tips to make a change in your life.

Crispy Chicken Pizza from Big Parm


Choose The Right Cooking Methods

There are a handful of healthier cooking methods all depending on the type of foods you want to prepare. While fats can make food taste better, you don’t want to end up with a bigger waistline than you already had. The first thing you have to do to get rid of fried food cravings is shop for healthier foods. Secondly, ensure to use cooking methods that help preserve the rich nutrients in your food. Most importantly, use cooking equipment that is certified. Did you know that there are air fryers that can greatly help reduce the number of calories in your foods? Check for online reviews on the particular cooking equipment you may require. Below is a list of healthy cooking methods you may want to try out:

  • Eating them raw – Not all foods require cooking. Some varieties are best eaten when raw as this helps to provide you with raw and quality nutrients
  • Boil – Certain foods are best eaten when they have undergone the boiling cooking technique. This might be highly dependent on their hardness. Cereals, some tubers, and a variety of vegetables will be scrumptious if boiled
  • Grilling – If you love fried foods, then a grilled fish will do just fine. A barbequed piece of meat will have fewer calories and will taste just as better as fried meat
  • Baking – This had to be thrown in the list as there are baked foods that are finger-licking entertaining to the tastebuds!

Eat Fruits

Eating fruits is a healthy practice, well at least a good one in keeping you out of the doctors’ office. Fruits contain essential vitamins that are crucial for your body. Fruits also reduce your risk of developing heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, which become high risk when eating deep-fried foods. A good example of healthy fruits is apples. Apples have a fairly good amount of fiber at three to four grams per apple. Fibers in your body help you do certain things like maintaining bowel health, controls your blood sugar, lowers cholesterol levels, helps in achieving a healthy weight, and aids you to live longer.

Now fruits are a general healthy alternative to fizzy drinks that are high in sugar. They make for an easy snack and give you that healthy energy boost you might need to finish off your day. Always make sure that you go for fruits as many times as you can, keep them around your house too, and grab one when you spot one. Important fruits to note are grapes, lime, cherry, banana, watermelon, and blueberry.

Go For Veggies


Vegetables are a great source of many nutrients including dietary fiber, vitamin A vitamin C, and potassium. Vegetables are a crucial part of your daily diet therefore you cannot afford to miss incorporating a good amount of greens in your servings. If you don’t have the taste for vegetables, you can always start easy with a salad. Having a salad on hand will give you a boost with antioxidants in your blood. And get you up to pace with the sweet taste of mixed vegetables. This will help you find what you like. The super greens you can use in your salad are kale, watercress, and romaine lettuce. Consuming vegetables on a daily diet will reduce the risk of some chronic diseases. Some common vegetables are broccoli, kales, avocados, and spinach.

Don’t Forget Grains And Nuts

Whole grains and nuts are a healthy alternative to deep fry foodstuffs. They are packed with nutrients such as fiber, vitamins B, trace minerals, and proteins. Whole grains in diet reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and cancer. The whole grains you should go for include popcorn, barley, brown rice, millet buckwheat, and barley just to name a few. The nuts to go for are Brazil nuts, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, almonds, pistachios, and walnuts.

Eating healthy is a habit that we all have to develop. It costs you nothing and gives you everything in return. Watching your health and your family’s health is not just a smart move, it’s an investment. With a well-balanced diet, you can say bye, bye to regular hospital visits due to illness, which will save you money on medical expenses. Leading a healthy lifestyle is the best investment you could ever have.

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