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The Definitive Guide to Buying the Top Brain Health Supplements

Similar to keeping physical health in check, taking care of brain health is equally necessary to keep the brain performing at its peak. Not taking adequate care and failing to provide the necessary nutrients can lead to cognitive decline which can start early on during adulthood. Plenty of ingredients are found in brain supplements and each with its own effect.

Most brain-boosting supplement manufacturers claim their products to be effective in improving a plethora of brain functions like improving memory, decision-making skills, focus, energy, clarity, creativity, and much more. Besides improving these social and behavior-related functions, the brain regulates tons of processes occurring within the body. Brain supplements make sure these processes are carried out effectively. Let’s dig in deep to explore popular brain-boosting ingredients present in supplements, so it becomes easier to make the right choice. 

Check The Ingredients

Checking the label of the brain health supplement you want to try is crucial. As most dietary supplements are not FDA-regulated and approved, make sure you spend some time researching what each ingredient does. Here are a few notable mentions you can look for in a brain supplement. Citicoline is a naturally occurring compound present in cells and is required to maintain cell membranes. 

Citicoline can be widely found in brain supplements. Besides maintaining the integrity of the cell membrane, citicoline improves the blood flow to the brain, allowing for a better nutrient supply to the brain, triggering the release of energy from the mitochondria, and preventing free radical damage to the brain cells. The substance also increases the release of two key chemicals, acetylcholine, and dopamine. Acetylcholine is associated with learning and memorizing things whereas dopamine is a mood-enhancing chemical that elevates your mood by influencing the leisure-reward system. 

Brian supplements containing citicoline claim to improve memory, concentration, and learning skills when used regularly. Other notable mentions include curcumin, acetyl-l-carnitine, alpha-GPC, and tryptophan.

Know Your Requirements

As you search for key ingredients in brain supplements, it will become easier to understand which products would suit you the best. Let’s say you have issues while concentrating and need to sharpen your memory skills, finding supplement pills to increase memory and focus would be the right choice to make. Knowing your requirements will surely aid in choosing the right type of supplement. However, remember to never consume these products when you are already suffering from a medical condition as there could be potential side effects that can affect your health. 

Quality Production

Most dietary supplements are not regulated by the FDA, meaning that these supplements have not passed stringent quality control tests and regulations. Fortunately, some of these supplement manufacturers are FDA regulated and do conduct independent research to figure out an adequate dosage and its efficacy. However, checking how they go through the manufacturing process and ensuring quality is necessary. 

You can check where the manufacturer procures raw materials, whether the materials are ethically sourced, and the quality control protocols they implement during the manufacturing process. Supplement manufacturers who have already established a name in the industry can be trusted as their products are already providing effective results to other individuals. 

Additional Guidelines

Here are some other essential guidelines to make your purchase effective. Reading labels is necessary when purchasing a supplement. Not only will it tell you about the ingredients used but also reveal information on their current certifications, the dosage, and related information. Avoid buying a product that contains synthetic chemicals and preservatives as they can be harmful to the body. The label will also contain instructions for adequate storage. 

Besides the FDA, there are several reputable organizations responsible for checking the quality of ingredients. These organizations put a seal of approval, ensuring the product you are buying is safe to consume. They mostly look for the quality of substances and make sure harmful chemicals like pesticides, arsenic, or mercury are not present in these brain-boosting supplements. You also need to check the packaging of the product. Make sure the labels are intact and the bottle is vacuum-sealed. Usage of poor quality plastic, using poor sealants, and a low-quality printed label are some red flags that need to be looked into. 


Before you start taking brain-boosting supplements, it is best to contact your healthcare provider and discuss the supplement’s usage with them. In most cases, your doctor will allow you to consume these products as long as they have the right certifications and don’t result in adverse effects. We hope the presented information can assist you in finding the right nootropic brain supplements to boost the brain and its functions. 


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