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DelFrescoPure: Fueling Healthy Families


Earlier this month, I had the honor of attending the PMA (Produce Marking Association) 2019 Fresh Summit International Convention & Expo. Fueling kids with healthy food is one of my passions, and getting to see so many companies that share the same passion together in one venue was like a dream come true.

2019 PMA Expo

While at the Fresh Summit Expo, I spent most of my time learning more about DelFrescoPure and its unique hydroponic growing system, The Living Cube. At their booth, they had set-up a living cube so that attendees had an opportunity to see how the microgreens and living lettuce is grown without ever being touched by human hands.

Fresh Summit

The Living Cube growing systems aligns with DelFrescoPure vision of leaving a smaller physical footprint, using no pesticides, constant year-round output, reduced freshwater consumption, and system flexibility. DelFrescoPure is an environmentally sustainable company and the first to offer pesticide-free Yes!Berries.


I had heard a lot about Yes!Berries, and couldn’t wait to try them. While at the Expo, DelFrescoPure was offering dairy-free frozen yogurt to sample with their Yes!Berries. The minute that I sunk my tastebuds into the Yes!Berries, I was overwhelmed by the freshness. The berries tasted like they had been soaking in sugar overnight, but the sweetness was 100% natural – no sugar added.

DelFrescoPure Lettuce

When I brought the Yes!Berries home to sample with my children, they also agreed that they were the freshest and sweetest berries they have ever tasted. My children devoured every last berry within a matter of seconds and then asked me when we could get more.

The Living Cube

It wasn’t just the Yes!Berries that I enjoyed while at the expo, but also a sampling of their fresh vegetables. DelFrescoPure has a wide variety of fresh vegetables, microgreens, and living lettuce. My favorites were the Ombra tomatoes, mini cucumbers, and mini sweet peppers.

DelFrescoPure Tomatoes

DelFrescoPure offers families an incredible catalog of healthy (and simple) recipes on their website. Since the expo, I have been referring to their website. I have found fresh and new recipes to prepare for my family throughout the week.

DelFrescoPure Mini Cucumbers

At DelFrescoPure, they have been growing hydroponically for over 35 years in Ontario, Canada. The greenhouse growing techniques they are using today have been passed down for more than 60 years. The company’s commitment to freshness, taste, and quality is what sets them apart from the rest.

Living Lettuce

Learn more about DelFrescoPure online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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