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Delivery Man Delivers Positive Message About The Importance of Fathers



I heart Vince Vaughn, so I could not wait for the chance to screen his new film, “Delivery Man.” Mr. Vaughn is known for his comedic way of seeming like a regular guy with all the seamless and hilarious comebacks. I was expecting more of the same perfect comedy I always enjoy with his movies. I experienced that and much more.

Photo courtesy of Disney

Photo courtesy of Disney

“Delivery Man” is a movie that also delivered an often overlooked and important message of how important a father is. Vince’s character started out as what appeared to be a misguided, single guy, and ended as a person who wholeheartedly accepted his new role as an accidental father to 533 children. He secretly got to know some of his children and not only tried to help them lead a better life, but accepted each one for who the people they had become with his absence in their lives.

Photo courtesy of Disney

Photo courtesy of Disney

Joining me for this screen was my friend, Gina and our 13 year old sons. The movie is rated PG-13. There were a couple of parts and some language early in the movie that made me blush. Both boys thought the movie was “good and funny.” Spoken like true 13 year old boys. They also noticed the message that in the end the accidental dad learned to be a better person.

Photo courtesy of Disney

Photo courtesy of Disney

Gina loved it because the movie was truly about dads being the hero. There was no mom that swooped in to save the day. It was all about dads standing up for themselves and solving their own problems. Our favorite line was a simple sentence with a powerful message, “A father is a father because he decides to be a father.”

“Delivery Man” delivered comedy and a positive message about all kinds of dads. It is certainly worth grabbing your favorite dad and treating him to a movie that offers comedy and recognizes his important role in the life of a child.

“Delivery Man” is in theaters today!

Julie Collier is a parent, California credentialed teacher, and Orange County resident.  In 2007, she created Parents Advocate League, a grassroots, parent-empowerment organization dedicated to student-focused education policy. Parents Advocate League has members throughout California who participate in local and state education reform movements. You can join Parents Advocate League by visiting
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