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Dia de Los Muertos in Cabos San Lucas – Los Cabos


Every year my children have enjoyed celebrating Halloween by trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Last week, they had a unique opportunity to trick-or-treat in Los Cabos. Not only did they get to experience Halloween in a different culture, but they got the opportunity of a lifetime to experience a true Dia de Los Muertos celebration in Cabo San Lucas – Los Cabos.



Our children had only learned about Dia de Los Muertos from the textbooks in their classrooms, but for the first time, they got to be immersed in the cultural celebration. My children had always had the perception that Dia de Los Muertos was about darkness and death, but it is truly about celebrating life – celebrating the lives of those who are no longer here.



Our family was provided bus transportation by Epic Mexico to the Puerto Paraíso Mall where we would see some of the most elaborate altars in Los Cabos, Mexico. Our children walked around all of the altars while talking to people about the different lives that were being celebrated on this special day. At the different altars, our children were invited to light candles in honor of their loved ones, and sample some of their favorite foods.



After walking around the Puerto Paraíso Mall admiring all of the beautiful altars, the children watched local children perform an extensive stage performance for Dia de Los Muertos. We got to see children in authentic costumes dance, sing and tell poetry in Spanish.



The staff from Epic Mexico provided us with amazing hospitality as they guided us throughout the Puerto Paraíso Mall. They stayed with our family throughout the entire evening educating us about the holiday, helping us with translation, and enriched the entire experience for our children.



Dia de Los Muertos is a celebration that my children will never look at the same again. After experiencing, Dia de Los Muertos in the Country in which it is celebrated, my children have gained such a deep love and respect for the Mexican culture.


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