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What Is The Difference Between Perfumes For Day And Night

Perfumes are diverse, alluring and often beautifully packaged. This is how it should be, because, after all, perfumes exist to accentuate beauty and elegance, all according to the event or time of the day. Therefore, it’s essential to pick a perfume that will be appropriate for said event. Also, day and night perfumes are quite different and serve different purposes, which means you should learn to differentiate between the two, so you’ll be able to make the right choice. So for that reason, here are some key differences between day and night perfumes that you should know of before buying your next fragrance. 

Day perfumes should be energizing 

Since daytime is the time when we go outside, commute, work and do various tasks, it’s important to choose a perfume that will feel energizing and uplifting. Floral, fruity, zesty, and fresh scents will definitely complete any daytime look without overwhelming your presence. If your days are filled with numerous meetings and interactions, then it’s best to choose a scent that will be there to bring out the best in you, but in a gentle and subtle way. Lotus flower, magnolia, lemon and anise are all perfect suggestions that will be perfect for summer days but will sit nicely for any daytime occasion as well. 

The packaging is often a sign 

The perfume bottle is usually a sign of what to expect, yet many people are still unaware of this. Meaning, nighttime perfume packaging (and bottles) are often coloured in dark colours such as dark blue, black, brown and grey. Additionally, the words and labels tend to sound mysterious and discrete, so if you see words like “Noir”, “Dark” and “Intense”, then you can be sure that the perfume is meant to be worn during the evening and night events. 

Find your middle ground 

Perfumes meant for night tend to be more leathery, musky, and sultry. Their goal is to help the wearer exude self-confidence and sensuality, but what if you’re attending an elegant event during the daytime? If that is the case, then feel free to find a middle ground: a perfume that will have a moderate sillage, so it will be noticeable but not overwhelming. Unlike night perfumes, these middle ground perfumes are perfect for daytime weddings and corporate events alike. If you’re looking for a perfect choice, then check out Vince Camuto Terra Review as this fragrance is great for different occasions thanks to the grounding vanilla scent. If you’re planning to attend a formal event that requires a level of evening elegance, then choosing a citrus-vanilla combo will definitely be a great idea.

Choose the perfume with the right sillage

Sillage, French-derived word that means perfume trail that lingers after you while you wear it. That’s why it’s important to check the sillage strength when buying a fragrance. Usually, perfumes with an “eau de toilette” label are weaker compared to those with the “Eau de perfume” one. The former is much lighter and less overpowering, which makes them suitable for daytime activities. It’s safe to say that their sillage won’t be that lingering. But, if you want to increase the sillage, just spray the perfume on a clothing item or an accessory, such as a bracelet or a wool scarf. 


You deserve to find your signature scents for both day and night. A truly elegant and stylish person will have two different perfumes to match for different events and occasions, but if you want to do things your way, then go for it. If you have a nighttime perfume that you enjoy wearing during the day, then feel free to do as you please, because some rules can be broken, especially when it comes to style and fashion. 

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