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Differences between the HTC One Mini and HTC One

HTC One Mini Intro

HTC just announced the HTC One Mini and this smartphone beauty is sure to receive all the love it’s big brother, HTC One, has received.  When looking at these two devices, here are three differences between them to help you determine which is right for you.


The HTC One Mini weighs 17% less than the HTC One; size alone helps achieve this notable difference but I imagine a smaller battery will also account for some difference as well.  But those who want a smaller size phone will also appreciate this weight difference as it allows for them to carry it in pockets with more comfort.  The HTC One Mini features an 1800 mAH embedded rechargeable Li-polymer battery as opposed to the 2300 mAh counterpart of its bigger sibling.  Weighing in at 122 grams, the Mini is 21 grams lighter than the full sized HTC One.

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