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How Different Music Genre Impacts Your Mood

Music has a significant impact on the human body and mind, and it can enhance or completely change your mood. Read on how different music genres impact your mood.



If you feel angry and overwhelmed, you should consider listening to reggae music. Reggae is known for its steady, up-stroke rhythm guitar known as the skank beat, and propulsive percussion, hypnotic bass lines that calm you down and bring your heart rate at ease.


 If you are feeling down or tired, you should listen to pop music. Pop music increases adrenaline, giving you an energy boost. Pop music can also help you feel at ease and reduce moods related to tension and worries. If you are looking for culture-rich songs full of good-looking models and colorful videos to boost your moods, consider listening to Kpop music. 


Country music is a blend of stringed instruments, including fiddles, harmonicas, acoustic guitars, and a punch of electric guitars. When these instruments are brought together, they create a mellow tune that makes your heart light and glad, leaving you feeling happy. However, most country music song lyrics carry deep meaning, often sad, inspired by the singer’s real-life situations such as heartbreak, so they may cause depression.


Classical music helps take away nervousness and jitters and helps decrease anxiety and heart rate. Its melodic harmonies are also soothing and similar to lullabies, so it also helps you sleep faster and better. Classical music also increases the secretion of dopamine, which activates the reward and pleasure center in the brain, allowing you to feel happy. Listening to classical music while performing a task enables you to focus and improve memory retention.


Blues is one of the most diverse music genres that taps into its listener’s emotions. In their songs, most blues singers will highlight distinct themes, including sorrow, distress, unhappiness, heartaches, lamentations, gloom, woes, worries, desolation, misery, melancholy, heartbreak, sadness, hopelessness, and despair. Listening to sadder songs when overcome by anxiety and nerves can help you calm down. The song’s rhythm slows down the heart rate, subduing anxiety and nervousness.

Heavy metal

Described as energetic and loud, heavy metal regulates depression and anger and reduces negative emotions for metal lovers.  The high energy in the heavy metal music genre can also provide its listeners with an emotional release. It also helps reduce the cortisol levels in the body, which results in less stress. However, if you are not a metal fan, the music could generate fear and anger, so it is best to keep off its aggressive clutches.


Jazz is one of the most stimulating music genres. Its syncopated rhythm activates the alpha brain waves, which helps promote a calm mind and reduce anxiety. Listening to jazz music also activates the delta brain waves, which induce quality sleep. 


Are you wondering what music genre to listen to based on your mood? Familiarize yourself with the above guide to choose music that resonates with how you feel.


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