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Dinosaur Egg Cupcakes aka Croods Cakes

The prehistoric family that we all know and love, The Croods, are back with all-new adventures in the all-new Netflix original series “Dawn of the Croods”. My family loves sitting by the fireplace together and dreaming of being in a prehistoric era while watching the hilarious series. Before sitting down to watch The Croods with my kids this weekend, I surprised them by making Dinosaur Egg Cupcakes aka. Croods Cakes.

Dinosaur Egg Cupcakes in Egg Shells

I am not going to lie. Making them was a labor of love. If you’re planning a Croods theme birthday party or dinosaur themed birthday party, then these will totally impress your guests.

How do you make dinosaur cupcakes aka Croods cakes?

Dinosaur egg cupcakes

First you start by making the egg shells. I purchased brown eggs and then while they were in the egg carton, I used a super sharp knife and slowly picked away at the top of the egg. Once the hole was big enough, I emptied the inside of the egg into a bowl (which I later used to make a quiche). Once the eggshells were emptied, I cleaned the eggs with water and then let them air dry.

Brown Eggs

Cutting a small hole in an egg

Cleaning out the inside of an egg

Since making the egg shells was quite a challenge, I used a box cake mix for the filling. I prepared the cake mix per the package instructions and then poured the mix into a large Ziploc bag. I used the Ziploc bag similar to an icing bag by cutting a small hole in the corner of the Ziploc bag and then filling the egg shells half way with the cake mix. I put the eggs into a cupcake liner and used a crumpled piece of a cupcake liner to help keep the egg shell steady while baking.

Soaking egg shells

Filling eggs with cake mix

Egg shell cupcakes

Finally, I baked the eggs at 350 degrees for 15-17 minutes. Once the dinosaur egg cupcakes had cooled, I used a brown sharpie to add spots.

Cake in an egg shell

How do the kids eat them? They simply peel the egg shell and then viola ~ they have an egg shaped cupcake to enjoy.

Dawn of the Croods

I hope that you enjoy making these fun Croods themed cupcakes with your children while watching your favorite prehistoric family. I guarantee that your kids will remember forever a night watching The Croods and eating a dinosaur egg cupcake or Croods Cake.

Dinosaur egg cupcakes or Croods Cakes

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  1. What an adorable idea! I love it!

  2. Uh-MA-zing! Utterly amazing, I LOVE this!!!!!

  3. Uh-MA-zing! Utterly amazing, I LOVE this!!!!!

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