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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Discovery Cube Comes to Los Angeles

We attended as a guest of Discovery Cube

For more than 25 years the Discovery foundation has been impacting the lives of children in Orange County and now they will start with Los Angeles with the opening of the Discovery Cube Los Angeles.



On November 13, 2014, families and school’s will be able to visit the Discovery Cube Los Angeles in the Hanson Dam Recreational Area in Lake View Terrace neighborhood which is the first major museum in the San Fernando Valley. Guests will be delighted to see some updated versions of the popular exhibits that are at the Discovery Cube Orange County, but they will also see some amazing new attractions.


They like to say DCLA is not Your Grandmother’s Science Center, it is technologically more advanced. There are more than 71,000 square feet of hands-on exhibits for you to learn some very important stuff.



When we first arrived, my family and I were greeted by some very nice and helpful staff. I find that when I am greeted in a nice manner right away it makes me more excited to go into places. We were lucky to be the first family through the turn style. That alone felt like a huge honor, and once we walked through those big glass doors we were blown away. I would normally say figuratively speaking, but in this case it is quite literal. The very first exhibit we played in was feeling the Santa Ana Winds in a wind tunnel. My kids got big laughs out of this, especially when my husband decided to go inside and the wind blew his sunglasses off (if you have on sunglasses or hats, it would be best to take them off first before entering).



Another fun exhibit which was my 7 year olds favorite of the whole day was the Design & Test Your Own Seed. You were able to use different things to design a seed and try to make it fly, just like a seed would do in the wind. We tried many versions of our seeds before finding a very good one that spun and flew all around. My 7-year-old really loved this, so we spent the most time at this exhibit and actually played 3 separate times during our visit. I noticed we were not the only family to do this.



After the seed flying we headed to take a flight on their new Helicopter tour. You get in and sit in the cockpit of a helicopter, then your journey begins from Mt. Whitney all the way to Los Angeles following the water that goes through the Aqueduct. This was really neat, but I get motion sick and had to walk out pretty quick because I was getting dizzy and feeling a bit off. My husband sat through it, but he too felt a bit dizzy near the end. Our three kids did not feel dizzy or sick at all. They really enjoyed it. I enjoyed listening and would caution anyone who is motion sensitive to maybe try it, but step out to listen if you need to. It is really worth going into and watching, if you can handle it.



Once the Helicopter tour was over my kids headed out to try the chair pulley. They have 3 different ones to test out, each has a different difficulty. They enjoyed this and went up and then back down a couple of times before jetting off to the Inspector Training Course where you get an iPad to walk around with and do a home inspection in the house. This was really neat, it asked certain multiple choice questions and the kids had to answer them. My 10-year-old was a super inspector, but my 7 year old missed 2 questions and got a fix it badge and told Good Job. Once we finished with that exhibit we walked to the Aquavator and we went through the 6 levels of the earth. It was informative, but at the very end quite loud and scared my kids when they reached the Bedrock layer. They all kind of cringed and held their ears, but the noise stopped and all was well again. This was something my 5th grader had just studied in school, so he liked it a lot.



After the hands on fun we decided to go watch one of the movies they were playing in the 4D Theater. It was a Dinosaur movie and we all enjoyed it a lot. It even held the attention of my toddler the whole time.


By this time my kids were getting hungry,so we stopped to have lunch. The Discovery Cube Los Angeles has an adorable Cafe called Bean Sprouts. They serve a very healthy kid focused menu. We sampled the Do-Re-For-Me sandwich. It was very tasty. They can accommodate nearly any dietary need or allergy and the best part for my family is they are a nut-free kitchen, so for those of us with kids with nut allergies we can feel safe having them eat there.

Once we finished lunch we took our smallest little science explorer to the Early Learner’s Zone where he could build things with foam blocks and tracks and play with nice wooden toys. He really enjoyed this and right next to it was the Dinosaurs-Land Of Fire And Ice exhibit, where kids can ride on a Dino or play with a huge Dino egg nest. They even have a slide and little tunnels and digging area to find fossils. We are a Dinosaur loving family and this was very fun. My soon to be 2-year-old really enjoyed climbing and exploring in this little Dino world.



The Discovery Cube Los Angeles has 2 floors for you to explore. On the second floor there are more exhibits geared to the 4th and 5th grade level of learning. This does not mean that smaller kids won’t enjoy it or bigger kids and adults wont. This STEM (Science,Technology,Engineering and math proficiency) area is one of their four core initiatives, the others being: Early Learning, Healthy Living and Environmental Stewardship. This area has many fun things to offer kids of all ages. My toddler loved to play in the sand and make rain on mountains with lights by holding your hand over the sand. You can make your own mountains out of sand and watch the rain you make run down the side of the mountain and make a watershed at the lowest point. I found this technology very advanced and fun for adults as well as children of all ages. Another big hit with my kids was the sound waves maker. It has these foam beads inside a tube and when you turn the knob the beads inside move and show you the sound waves. My kids played with this for a long time and even my husband and I enjoyed playing with it.


There are a few exhibits on level 2 that will be rotated out. As of right now they have an Atoms and Molecule maker, Wave Maker to show how the waves move, Earth’s Features with sand, Animal Adaptations on a large video screen , Seasonal Constellations, External Features of Animals and an Interaction Between Systems exhibit. All of these are very hands on and will aid in learning. Also on this level they will be opening The Science Of Hockey in February.

Once we were done roaming the second level we went back to visit the Discovery Market where you get to go around and play a shopping game and also an Exhibit where you play a recycling game called Race To Zero.


Every single exhibit was fun and made our time at the New Discovery Cube Los Angeles memorable. We really enjoyed the day and after we even let the kids roam around outside at the park next to the Discovery Cube Los Angeles to get their sillies out before the long car ride back to Orange County. This really worked because our toddler was the first to fall asleep on the ride home,followed by our 7 and 10-year-old.



I hope you will go visit this Museum for yourself. It is really fun and something to see, especially if you love the Discovery Cube in Orange County.


Dawn Maltin is a Loving wife and devoted stay at home mom to three amazing little boys. Her philosophy is family first and everything else second. She is a self proclaimed craft-a-holic. When she is not knee deep in family adventures you can find her making,baking and crafting just about any and everything. If she does not know how to make something, you can be sure she will learn and master it before too long. She also has a love for fine dining,travel and reading.
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