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Dishing on The Croods with Directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco

Dishing on The Croods with Directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco

We talked with the directors of “The Croods,” Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco on the making of the beloved family film. The whole project, started at Dreamworks in 2004, when Kirk was writing with John Cleese, and it was a whole different movie. It originally started as a roundtrip movie with two buddies and their adventures. When Chris came on the film in 2007 they were still working on that concept, and it was not until Chris left and returned from working on “Dragons” that Kirk proposed the new idea for the film.

The casting of the film was key to success in the film “The Croods,” and we first started by asking them to talk about Emma Stone who played the role of “Eep” in the film. “We didn’t know that she was going to be as popular in the beginning,” said DeMicco. “She more than brought the character to life.” The directors went on to tell us how she was one of the most referenced actors that they used when making the film. Because of her animated facial features, and gestures, the character took on a lot of Emma Stone’s features.

When casting Nicolas Cage for the role of “Grug” in the film, they always had him in mind. “Nicolas has this wonderful believer quality that you can’t get mad at him,” said Sanders. “That made him likeable, and it helped us.” The directors of the film went on to talk about how the character is just a guy barking orders while trying to get by, and if it came from another person, it might not be conceived as “cool.”

When watching the film, the colors changed so much throughout the movie. In the beginning it had a subdued and washed out coloring, and then changes into almost a “Wizard of Oz” feel. “We did this so that you could understand their world, and then when you see them get thrown into that new world the audience is like ‘wow what is that’ and you wouldn’t have seen it coming,” said Sanders.


From the casting to the animation, the directors of the film created a classic film that families will watch for many generations to come. The Croods is currently available on DVD and Blu-ray in stores Nationwide today October 1st.

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  1. I love Chris Sanders’ work! He wrote & directed Lilo & Stitch at Disney when I still worked there. He’s very talented & it was great to meet him. Will have to check out The Croods DVD, as I missed seeing it in the theaters. Great post!

    • Thank you!! I agree!! They are incredibly talented.

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