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Disney Channel’s Freaky Friday

We attended as a guest of Disney

Disney Channel Movies have always been my absolute favorite television network. From Teen Beach Movie to Descendants, they are constantly on my list of top favorite movies. When I first starting seeing the commercials and sneak peeks on Disney Channel I immediately put the date that Freaky Friday would air on my calendar. The same day the movie was going to air we got an invite to go to a Freaky Friday party at the Disney Channel corporate headquarters and see the film a few hours earlier than the rest of the world.

We arrived at the headquarters and my brothers and I were so happy to see the assortments of candy and food laid out for us in a special viewing room. We got some popcorn, candy and nachos and talked with one another while waiting for the movie to begin.

Freaky Friday is such an adorable story, and there are countless remakes of it. I was excited to see what Disney Channel brought to the table with this classic tale. When they started the movie, I knew I was going to like it because we were barely ten minutes in and there was a fantastic song. If there is one thing I love about all the Disney movies is the music. After that song, I was hooked and couldn’t take my eyes off of the screen.

The story was perfect as a teenage girl is put into her extremely organized mother’s body on her wedding day, and the mother is put into the teenage girl’s body on the day that will determine how the rest of her high school years go. The movie had me laughing nonstop as each of the family members tried to survive a day in each other’s lives. While the film was hilarious, it also had really heart touching moments where the mother and daughter realized how hard it was to stand in each other’s shoes.

Now, we have to cover the singing and dancing. Every number of the film was phenomenal. By the end of the movie, I was already singing some of the songs and getting ready to download the soundtrack. I also love how you can relate so many of the songs to your life. Or at least I could go as a teenage girl relate to some of the songs sung at the high school.

At the end of the movie Disney Channel had a special surprise for us. They brought in the castoff the film. I got to meet and take pictures with Cozi Zuehlsdorff (Ellie Blake) and Heidi Blickenstaff (Katherine Blake.)We all had sch an amazing time laughing and talking about the film.

Freaky Friday has already aired on Disney Channel, and you can find it playing throughout the day. Make sure to record it and watch it with the whole family for movie night. I can assure you that everyone will love the new spin on the classic tale.

Ella is the OC Mom Blog teen blogger. She is an integrated arts student at the Orange County School of the Arts by day, and a fashionista by night. She loves baking, teddy bears and nice people. Read her column here
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