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Disney Frozen Spoilers from Santino Fontana aka Hans

If you have not seen the Walt Disney Feature Animated Film “Frozen” yet – stop reading here unless you are a little like me who can’t resist a good spoiler.


Santino Fontana with Producer Peter Del Vecho. Photo courtesy of Disney

While, at the World Premiere of the film, we sat down and chatted with Santino Fontana (aka..Hans) in the film “Frozen.” We had to wait to share with you our interview because his character revolves around major spoilers in the film, and he could not help but talk about it with us in the interview. When we got the ok from Disney late last night to share spoilers, we picked a few from our interview with Santino Fontana to share.

Don’t let these spoilers keep you from watching the film. Even though I had seen the film multiple times before taking my kids on opening day to see it in the local theater, the best part was when the entire audience let out a massive gasp at the end of the film.


Hans. Photo courtesy of Disney

Who is Hans? He is the Knight and shining armor that every little girl dreams of sweeping her off her feet when she grows-up, and riding off into the sunset on his horse. Sure, we have all had that dream until we find that the *dreamy* guy ends up being nothing like we dreamed and crushes our heart. (If this hasn’t happened to you ~ then you are one of the lucky girls)


Photo courtesy of Disney

As I prepare my daughter for growing up, she too has a dream that the “Ken” doll she plays with in her playhouse everyday will one day come to life, and they will drive off into the sunset together in her “Barbie” corvette. I keep telling her that it is not what is on the outsides that matter, but what is in the heart. I could tell her this a million times until I am blue in the face, and she still would not listen – until now. Until meeting Hans in the film “Frozen.” She said, “That is what you have been talking about mommy.”

That is your spoiler ~ Hans may appear to be the traditional Disney Prince ~ but the audience is in for a big surprise!


Photo courtesy of Disney

We asked Santino if he knew about the major twist with his character and he told us, “I knew that would happen, but I didn’t know how.” Absolutely nobody saw this major twist coming in the film, so we had to ask if there were any clues that give away the twist throughout the film. “If you go back and watch, I think you would start putting pieces together, but we didn’t want anyone to know a second before it happened,” said Santino.

Santino is currently in Cinderella on Broadway, but playing a Prince in a very different way than he did in “Frozen.”

Don’t miss seeing Santino in his role as Hans in the film “Frozen” that is currently playing in theaters.
We attended a media event as a guest of Disney

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