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Disney On Ice Presents Let’s Celebrate! at The Honda Center

We visited as a guest of Feld Entertainment

I do not even know how to begin to tell you all what a fantastic show this is. We were invited to watch it on opening night. From the very second this show started my family was in love.




First you are taken into a Very Merry Unbirthday with the Mad Hatter, Alice, Mickey,Minnie,Donald,Daisy,Goofy and Pluto. This was a fun start, but as the show went on the fun increased. Not only did you see the ice skaters and characters ,but there was a big screen projecting stuff. During the show the Characters would go up in front of the screen and do little skits that would lead you into another performance on the ice. Disney has a way with telling a good story and they managed to do this well even on the ice.




The costumes that the characters wore were beautiful and we loved how this story took us through many different celebrations and festivities from around the world.

My 7-year-old really loved the Mardi Gras skaters and my 10-year-old loved all the pyrotechnics and the spins and jumps the skaters did. My 2-year-old was very into Mickey and Buzz,he was yelling BUZZZZ BUZZZ and waving to Mickey Mouse the whole show. I am not sure the kid in front of him loved this all too much as he switched seats with his little sister (sorry) but it made me smile knowing he was very happy and entertained.




Let’s Celebrate is a fun show for all ages. The adults around us with their kids seem to be grinning from ear to ear and the clapping and giggles all around were a very good indication of the overall feeling from the crowd as well.




We loved that they had us interact with the Disney Characters. Mickey Mouse and the Fairy Godmother would ask us stuff and everyone would yell out during the show. This kept us entertained.




My family loves The Nightmare before Christmas, so the Halloween Haunt with Jack Skellington and the Villains was very fun and amusing. The backdrop that they used was neat as well, it looked like giant spider webs.
For the girls and boys who love Disney Princesses, you will be in heaven! They have a whole Royal Valentine’s Ball with all the beloved Characters and their Beaus. I have 3 boys,so we do not watch a lot of princess stuff, but the skating kept my boys entertained during this part of the show.



There is an intermission during the show. We took this time to have a quick bathroom break and buy some souvenirs. I suggest if you have a little girl…go before the break because the line was clear down the hall. I was lucky and it was my son who had to go and he is old enough to run in and run out, so it took a minute and we were at the shop buying goodies. Once back at our seats the show started again and this is where I think the best part started.




A fun beach scene with Surfers sliding across the ice and the characters all dressed up in their summer attire was very cute. This part was during a Luau with Lilo and Stich. The skating and costumes were nice during this section of the show and it was fun watching Goofy be goofy.



One of my very favorite parts was Minnie Mouse and the others dressed up in Japanese attire and holding LED fans. They were pretty and I loved the tree that they had as a prop in the background. They also dimmed the lighting and made the ice purple. It looked beautiful. After this Mickey Mouse came out for a Chinese New Year Celebration. Six skaters were moving a giant dragon around the stage while Mickey Mouse skated around.



The show was coming to an end. Santa Goofy came down the chimney and a Winter Wonderland with Buzz Lightyear, Woody and Jessie started. This was a lot of fun. I loved seeing all the costumes of the characters, they were so cute in their winter wardrobe. Right after this the lights dimmed and snow started to fall, then Mickey and Minnie came out on a sleigh. Everyone was cheering. We did not want the show to end,but we knew it was time.
We had a very magical night at Disney on ice.


If you would like to join the celebration, tickets are on sale right now for the Honda Center until December 21, and after Let’s Celebrate will be in Long Beach Starting December 31,-January 4.

Dawn Maltin is a Loving wife and devoted stay at home mom to three amazing little boys. Her philosophy is family first and everything else second. She is a self proclaimed craft-a-holic. When she is not knee deep in family adventures you can find her making,baking and crafting just about any and everything. If she does not know how to make something, you can be sure she will learn and master it before too long. She also has a love for fine dining,travel and reading.
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