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Disney’s Animal Conservationist Anne Savage

We visited as a guest of Disney

While I was in Florida learning about Disney’s The Lion King and Born and China, I went to have breakfast with one of the world’s top conservationist Anne Savage. I was very busy leading up to the trip, and while I had a chance to read her extensive bio, I didn’t have an opportunity to look up her photo online. While I was enjoying breakfast with the group I was traveling with, the sweetest woman came over to the table and started to talk to us about Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and that was when it hit me – she was Anne Savage!

The interview was unlike any other I had experienced before and was more about conversation vs. a Q&A. Anne Savage is an incredible conservationist who has done so much work around the world to save animals. Once we were done chatting, she sat down at the head of the table and welcomed us to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. She started out by telling us that she not only wanted to talk to us about the conservation work associated with the film Born in China but Disney’s overall commitment to conservation.

“Conservation didn’t just start when we opened this park. It actually began with Walt,” said Savage. Most of us know that Walt Disney had a love for wildlife. She then shared with us a quote from Roy Disney, “Animals in the natural world are as important to the legacy of the Walt Disney Company as Snow White and Mickey Mouse.” She then continued to tell us that it is something that everyone on her team lives, eats, and breathes every day.

“All of us at that work here at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is so committed to the animals that we care for every day. And um we are committed to ensuring that these animals have a future in the wild.” Anne Savage

We then began talking about how it is not just their work in the wild that helps animals but also educating people at home. How we really need to inspire our younger generations to want to protect wildlife and care for our Earth.

“We want kids and families that come here to Walt Disney World to really have positive fun experiences with nature here in our park and to get inspired.” Anne Savage

While I was walking around Disney’s Animal Kingdom the day before I met with Savage, I saw children’s eyes light up every time that they heard an animal sound. I never thought that I would get to see a rhino walking around in a natural habitat, but I did while on a safari. While visiting the park, I felt inspired to want to preserve the beautiful animals living at the park, and I saw other families feeling the same way. I noticed that everyone visiting the park was on a personal journey, learning about animals, and being inspired to want to make a difference to save endangered species. I never thought in my life that I would hear a lion roar, but I did for the first time while on a sunset safari – it was life changing.

“We’re working to help protect nature and inspire the next generation.” Anne Savage

We then continued to talk about her incredible work with animals in the wild, and how she has so passionately fought to save endangered species. Disney Nature is not just making films about animals in the wild, but doing a lot of what Disney’s Animal Kingdom is trying to do by educating the public on conservation and wildlife. All of the Disney Nature films have opened a whole new world to my children that they will probably never see in real-life in their lifetime. They have been able to watch animals play in their natural habitat, fight, and even sometimes die. All of the films have opened health conversations in our household, and I look forward to every year when a new film is released.

How can your family help to conserve our planet? It just takes every family doing one small thing to make the biggest impact. Whether you start recycling, build a compost bin, unplug electronics you are not using, every little effort makes a big difference in saving our Earth. Also, think about contributing financially to either the Disney Conservation Fund or other leading organizations that help to protect wildlife.

Expose your children to a whole new world when watching Born in China on Blu-ray or downloading it with Disney Movies Anywhere. Next year, see the Disney Nature film when it is first released in theaters so that a portion of your ticket sales goes towards conservation efforts. Born in China will be available on August 29th.

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