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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Disney’s Incredibles 2 Halloween Celebration

We attended as a guest of Disney

On Saturday we were invited by the Walt Disney Studios to the Incredibles 2 DVD Release party. The movie will be available for purchase on Tuesday (November 6) although you can purchase it digitally through Movies Anywhere today.

The party was held at the Walt Disney Studio Lot and was being hosted as a Halloween party / Release party. There were activities setup around the area to keep everyone busy during the entire event.

From the moment you entered, you were greeted by not one but two photo opportunity locations. The first was a cute spider web we could pose with. The other option was Simple Booth GIF creator. With some handy signs it was easy to create one (let’s be real several) GIFs to share with friends and family.

There were activities for kids of all ages, from face painting, to cookie decoration, to pumpkin design. We saw a few parents that were “helping” their kids with this last activity. There were also a number of games around the party. The food table also did not disappoint, that included Edna inspired candied apples, to rice crispy treats that were designed like TVs.

Around half way through the party, the kids hosted a fashion show. Parents cheered the children and the amazing costumes that were worn.

But the most important part of the party was the reason we were all celebrating. The release of Incredibles 2 DVD.

Incredibles 2 movie (if you haven’t seen it), picks up right where we left our heroes. As the family adjusts to the life of being super heroes, a benevolent benefactor provides a new home and tries to help them rebuild the super hero image. But the catch is that Elastigirl will lead the way. This leaves Mr. Incredible in charge of household management and dealing with the kids.

As our two super heroes adjust to their new lifestyles we see their struggles in this role reversal. One scene I related to was when Mr. Incredible was trying to help with a math problem. With the changes on how kids learn to do math, he resorts to shouting at his kid that “Math is math!”.

The story goes through more twists and actions and will keep everyone entertained. This movie is a rare gem in which the sequel to the movie is as good if not better than the original. Enjoy watching Incredibles 2 with your family today via digital download with Movies Anywhere or purchase a blu-ray starting on November 6th.

Learn more about Incredibles 2 online, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Houman Jazaeri is an OC dad who juggles work, play and his love of technology. On the side he runs, a website that reviews apps and has published his first book, 52 Apps for the College Student.
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