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Disney’s Moana Pua Cookies


Disney’s Moana is one of my favorite animation movies of last year. I loved the story, the music, and the message behind the film. It wasn’t just me that loved the film, but also my children. When I found out that we could watch the film before it was released on DVD with Disney Movies Anywhere, I couldn’t wait to download it and start watching it with my children.

Ever since downloading it, we have watched it over and over again. We decided to invite some friends over for a fun Moana movie night, and since Pua is my younger son’s favorite character, I made adorable “Pua Cookies.”

The cookies were a hit with the children attending our party, and the kids devoured every last crumb of the cookies. I brought them out to the children during one of Pua’s big scenes in the film when Moana rescues Pua from the ocean, and the kids all squealed with delight.

The cookies are fun and simple to make – which is the best part!

Disney’s Moana Pua Cookies


Sugar cookies
Pink frosting (I purchased the strawberry frosting that was the perfect shade of pink)
Black icing decorating tube
Large pink marshmallows
Small pink marshmallows
Small candy eyeballs (can be found in the store cake decorating aisle)


1. Cover all the cookies with a thick layer of pink frosting.

2. Cut the large pink marshmallows in half.

3. Place the large pink marshmallow in the center of the frosted cookie for the nose.

4. Using the black frosting decorating tube, add two dots on the nose.

5. Above the nose, add two eyes to the frosting.

6. At the top of the cookie, add two small marshmallows for the ears.

7. Serve to the children.

Surprise your children by making them these adorable Disney’s Moana themed Pua Cookies. Download Moana today using Disney Movies Anywhere or purchase the DVD/Blu-ray in stores starting tomorrow.

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