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Disney’s Second Screen Live: The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Disney's Second Screen Live: The Nightmare Before Christmas

My daughter and I went to on a Father/Daughter date night to see our favorite Disney film, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” I surprised my daughter, by taking her to a Disney Second Screen Live viewing of the film, where she would get to see the film like never before.

We started off the evening with dinner at a fun pizza place in Downtown Disney before getting our tickets to see the film at the AMC Downtown Disney theater. After my daughter and I got our popcorn, and took our seats, I surprised her as I pulled my iPad out of my backpack, and then she said, “Why in the world would you bring an iPad to a movie theater dad?”

The Nightmare Before Christmas

What she was about to learn was that the iPad was going to create an interactive movie experience that she would never forget. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” came to life while she used the iPad to have an interactive experience while watching the film. She got to participate in songs, games, and even got to have some friendly competition with other audience members.

The Haunted Mansion

The Second Screen Live: The Nightmare Before Christmas app is free for families to download before bringing to see the film. Guests will need to download the app in advance, and must have an iPad or ipad mini running iOS 5.0 or higher.

The Second Screen Live: The Nightmare Before Christmas is playing for a limited time at these select theaters in Los Angeles and Orange County:

*Arclight Pasadena (Pasadena)
*Arclight Sherman Oaks (Sherman Oaks)
*Muvico Thousand Oaks 14 (Thousand Oaks)
*AMC Burbank 16 (Burbank)
*AMC Downtown Disney 12 (Anaheim)
*Century Huntington Beach and XD (Huntington Beach)

(See select theaters for specific showtimes)

Steve is a race car, boat loving Dad with a love for adventure. When he is not bungie jumping off a bridge he is playing Monopoly with his kids or working on re-building a classic car.
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  1. That sounds so fun. My daughter seems to have the same fashion tastes as yours because we have that dress too. I love her tiara! 🙂

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