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DIY Bing Bong Costume


Who doesn’t love Bing Bong?

Our entire family fell in love with the character from the movie “Inside Out” the minute we watched the film. When it came to deciding what the kids wanted to be for Halloween, they all insisted on being characters from “Inside Out.” There was only one problem. The Disney Store did not make any “Inside Out” costumes this year, and we were only able to find a limited supply of Joy, Disgust and Anger online. No Bing Bong!


I purchased a Joy costume for myself, Disgust for my daughter and Anger for my older son. Transforming my husband in Fear was easy by purchasing him a purple t-shirt and spray painting his hair purple. Bing Bong..was a little more difficult.

How did we do it? Together with my daughter, we used our imagination and spent a couple of hours roaming our local Target to see what we could use to create a Bing Bong costume for my youngest son.




The body!! The body was the hardest part. I found a baby monster costume in the sale section of Costume Castle. I made a bigger neck, larger arm holes, removed the hat, and viola…a Bing Bong body. I cut the collar off one of his old uniform dress shirts, and sewed it around the neckline of the body. You can find the baby costume we used online.




The tale!! I was able to find a multicolored furry purple jacket in the toddler section of Target. What are the odds of that? I cut a square out of the jacket and sewed it into a tube. I then hand sewed it to the back of the costume.


The jacket!! We had an old jacket that was perfect for the costume. I recommend purchasing any small brown jacket that you can find.


The hat!! The hat ended up being the easiest part of the costume. When walking around Target, we spotted the perfect hat in a dog cowboy costume. It even had the elastic to hold on his head perfectly.

The flower!! I used stiff felt and a glue gun to make the flower. I then used a safety pin to attach the flower to his jacket. The bow was just a sparkly hair bow that we found in the girls section at target along with the socks.

The Nose!! Don’t discard the scraps when making the body. I used some of the scraps to make the nose. I glued a heart at the tip of the nose that I made with felt and then sewed elastic to each side of the nose.


Viola! We had a simple DIY Bing Bong costume that was a hit when walking around Mickey’s Halloween Party.

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