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DIY The Boxtrolls Piggy Bank


My kids have fallen in love with “The Boxtrolls.” While at the premiere of the film this past weekend, they had multiple crafts to entertain the children, and that inspired my kids to want to make their own Boxtrolls piggy banks when we got home.



So, while on our way home from Los Angeles, we stopped at our local craft supply store, and purchased supplies to make Boxtrolls piggy banks with their neighborhood friends. The kids jumped out of the car and gathered their friends to have a fun afternoon filled with creativity.

Making a Boxtrolls piggy bank is simple. We purchased hard brown boxes (so it is easy to cut a hole in the top) and lots of crafty supplies. (glitter glue, markers, pipe cleaners, google eyes, and more)


I had some print-outs of what the Boxtrolls looked like for our neighborhood kids who had not yet seen the movie. After they had looked at all the different Boxtrolls, creativity was unleashed. The kids let their imagination run wild creating these unique Boxtrolls inspired piggy banks.


It was a special afternoon, and I recommend doing the same with your children after seeing the film that will be in theaters this coming Friday.


After your kids are done creating their boxtrolls, have an adult cut a hole in the top of their creations. Then your kids can put it in their room to collect coins and dollars throughout the year.


Have fun, and don’t forget to see “The Boxtrolls” this Friday!


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