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DIY Captain Underpants Pumpkin

Kit provided from DreamWorks Animation

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. This year, I enjoyed watching DreamWorks Animation Halloween special, “The Spooky Tales of Captain Underpants: Hack-A-Week,” with my kids on Netflix.

Epic tale of Captain Underpants

After watching the hilarious episode, we were inspired to decorate our pumpkin this year in honor of Captain Underpants. The book series was one of my kid’s favorites growing up. Plus, the all-new animated series on Netflix expands on all the adventures my kids experienced while reading the books.

Decorating the pumpkin was super simple and fun to do. You only need a couple of items to create a Captain Underpants pumpkin, and it is so easy that even the youngest of children can participate.

About the Special

Welcome to Hack-A-Ween Oreeuntashun! This is your ultimate guide to disguises, Sneak-Or-Snacking, and plenty of Gooch cameos! More Gooch is coming your way in The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants: Hack-A-ween special.

Captain Underpants Pumpkin

Supplies Needed

1 Large piece of red fabric
1 Pair of men’s white underwear
White paint
Black paint
1 Large pumpkin


1. First, put the underwear on the bottom of the pumpkin. Use a rubber band to cinch the back of the underwear.

2. Take the piece of red fabric and tie it around the pumpkin like a cape.

3. Using the paint, add a face to the pumpkin. This is where you can get creative with your kids and make one of Captain Underpants many facial expressions.

4. Have fun with your children experiencing this interactive craft after watching the Netflix series.

Don’t miss watching “The Spooky Tales of Captain Underpants: Hack-A-Week” currently available on Netflix. Happy Halloween!!

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