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DIY Cottonelle Clean Routine Decorative Container



Cottonelle is an important part of my daily beauty clean routine. I use the wet wipes to clean my makeup brushes, removal of my weekly face masks and for a quick facial “refresher.” The wipes have always been delicate enough to not irritate my highly sensitive skin, making it my first choice to be used in my beauty regimen. I love the product, but the white plastic container does not fit in well with my home decor, so I created a DIY project for making the Cottonelle clean routine decorative container a beautiful accent piece in your bathroom.



When doing our weekly shopping at Target this past weekend, they had a special where if we purchased two 18 packages of Cottonelle, we would get a complimentary Cottonelle Fresh Care container. We stocked-up our bathroom for the week as part of our weekly #Cottonelleroutine, and I got busy making my decorative container for the bathroom.


This was the first time that I had attempted to work with Mod Podge, and what I learned was that it is super easy to use. I was able to cover the entire Cottonelle Fresh Care container in less than thirty minutes.


Supplies needed:
1 Cottonelle Fresh Care Container
1 Large piece of decorative fabric
1 Bottle of Mod Podge
1 Pair of scissors



1. First cut a large enough piece of fabric to wrap around the lower part of the container.

2. Add the modgepodge with a paint brush on the plastic container

3. Wrap, and smooth the fabric over the container with your hands.

4. Wait a few minutes until the Mod Podge has dried, and then use the scissors to trim the excess fabric off the container.

5. Then continue with the two other sections of the container.

6. Enjoy in your bathroom


Learn more about how your family can incorporate Cottonelle in their daily care routine visit Cottonelle on Twitter and Facebook.

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  1. I love it! What a great idea and a terrific way to make the upright dispenser blend in with your home bathroom decor. 🙂

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