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DIY Duck Tape Hot Wheels Track

DIY Duck Tape Hot Wheels Track

When your kids can’t go outside and play, don’t let that stop you from enjoying some great indoor fun. One of my favorite rainy day activities to do with the kids is to make a giant indoor hot wheels road out of duck tape. The possibilities are endless, and the fun DIY duck tape hot wheels track will provide hours of indoor fun for all your children.

Duck Tape Craft

To make the road, you only need three things: Black duck tape, a white paint pen, and hot wheels.

Making a Hot Wheels Road

Things to make with duck tape

Making an indoor toy car road

Making a Hot Wheels Track

DIY Hot Wheels Track

Duck Tape Hot Wheels Track

The road works best on tile or laminate flooring. Since my downstairs is all hardwood, we made the road in my oldest son’s room that has laminate flooring. Have your kids help you to decide how they think the road should be laid out on the floor. Then put the black duck tape down on the floor. Once the track is done then, use the white paint pen to make the road divider. Then let your kids have a blast playing with their hot wheels cars on the fun track.

Rainy Day Indoor Craft Idea

Kid playing with Hot Wheels

How to make your own hot wheels track

Duck Tape Car Road

DIY Hot Wheels Track with Duck Tape

Tips: I don’t recommend leaving the road down for more than 1-2 days. If the tape stays on the floor too long, then it can be a challenge to clean-up the sticky residue. Have fun doing this creative indoor craft with your kids this week.

Kid Playing with DIY Hot Wheels Track

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